The World’s first 3D-printed autonomous bus Olli, a self-driving vehicle built by Local Motors, can see farther ahead and react more quickly than a human which can take passengers wherever they ask to go.

Meet “Olli” The First Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Bus

We have already seen how 3D printing is being used in the automotive world, and we have also seen how autonomous cars are being developed, so now we’re going to mix those two worlds to discuss Olli, the world’s first 3D-printed autonomous bus which was presented in National Harbor, Maryland, United States.

The American company Local Motors has launched unexpectedly an interesting 3D-printed autonomous bus known as Olli, as we mentioned earlier, which promises to decongest the streets, as well as being a rather innovative solution for mobility in big cities. It is Olli, kind of mini electric bus capable of carrying 12 people, which is basically a 3D-printed self-driving bus that uses the world’s smartest computer Artificial Intelligence “Watson” to carry people and drop at their desired destination.

As the powerful Watson, the artificial intelligence system which was developed by the American multinational technology company IBM, which will interact with the passengers informing them of the breakpoints, news, weather, to provide suggestion for traveler spots near your stop, in addition, people will also able to talk to Olli about how the bus works, why Olli is making some particular choice, or where is the bus going.

The vehicle has more than 30 sensors and works with existing data in the IBM Cloud, which allows you to reach destination defined by the passengers, including restaurants, bar, cafe etc and will be notified when you reach the destination sites.

The company Local Motors also indicates that this vehicle is ready for operation as soon as regulations authorized, providing a service to local governments or other buyers. Hence, the Local Motors said that “It’s quite possible we will build several hundred by the end of this year”.

Certainly a very interesting solution that clearly shows the end and beginning of an era where little by little we will see how public transport will replace human by an artificial intelligence.


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