Microsoft's 37GB Data Including Source Code Got Stolen by LAPSUS$

Lapsus$ hacker group claims that they stole over 37 GB of data regarding Microsoft’s source code for BingCortana, and other projects stolen from Microsoft’s internal Azure DevOps server.

Recently, Lapsus$ came into the spotlight after data breaching from Nvidia, Samsung, and Ubisoft. Now, this group has also started targeting big names like Microsoft. If their latest claims are valid, this is Lapsus$’s 5th attack in just one month.

According to reports, The South American-based data extortion hacking group Lapsus$ is now recruiting insiders of big technology companies, and they also leaked screenshots of stolen data on Telegram.

Microsoft Investigating Claims of Hacked Source Code

Microsoft Investigating Claims of Hacked Source Code
source: bleeping computers

According to Bleeping Computer, the Lapsus$ gang showed that they hacked Microsoft’s Azure DevOps server by posting a screenshot on Telegram of alleged internal source code repositories. 37GB of Microsoft data in its possession; Microsoft is currently looking into these claims.

The share screenshot on their Telegram channel for an Azure DevOps repository containing the source code for Cortana and various Bing projects, named ‘Bing_STC-SV,’ ‘Bing_Test_Agile,’ and “Bing_UX.’

Soon after posting the screenshot, the Lapsus$ gang took their post down and replaced it with a message stating, “Deleted for now will repost later.” However, security researchers had already grabbed the screenshot and shared it on Twitter.

While Microsoft has not confirmed if their Azure DevOps data was breached, they have told BleepingComputer that they are aware of the claims and are investigating them.

they are recruiting employees & insiders
source: bleeping computers

Besides, Lapsus$ has over 33,000 subscribers on their main Telegram channel, and they also shared details about they are recruiting employees & insiders from the following big companies:

LAPSUS$ has also warned Nvidia
source: bleeping computers

LAPSUS$ has also warned Nvidia (previous victims) to push updates that remove lhr limitations, which will help to boost mining; otherwise, we will leak the hw folder. They also said hw folder is a big thing we both know.


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