Microsoft is Paying $650 For Not Using Apple's MacBook
Microsoft is Paying $650 For Not Using Apple's MacBook

If you don’t like Apple’s new MacBook pro then Microsoft has an alternative for you. Microsoft offers MacBook owners up to $650 to get rid of Apple’s MacBook.

Microsoft is Paying $650 For Not Using Apple’s MacBook

On Thursday Apple revealed a long-awaited renovation of its MacBook Pro line in its “Hello again” event in Cupertino. We all know that Apple had made some huge changes by eliminating all the much-needed ports.

Now the good news is if you were unhappy with Apple’s new Macbook lineup then, Microsoft has an alternative. Microsoft is offering up to $650 for anyone in the United states who “trades up” Macbook Pro and Macbook Air for Surface Pro or a Surface book at Microsoft store.

Microsoft is hoping to divert users by paying as much as $650 to get rid of Apple’s new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. The offer was announced by Microsoft just after Apple released the MacBook pro series.

Brian Hall, corporate vice president of marketing for Microsoft devices said “At this point, they’re really doing customers a disservice to not to have an option for touch on a MacBook”

“We’re going to announce tomorrow a trade-in program so that people who feel disappointed by the Mac not going all the way to touch screen can trade in” their Apple computers for Surface.

Microsoft had also added some statements which could impress users to switch to their Surface Pro or Surface Book “If you have a Mac but want to experience the ultimate laptop with on-screen touch, Surface and Microsoft Store are here for you.”

This is how the trade will work, Microsoft will offer customers up to $650 for a trade-in value. Price depends on upon the model and condition of users Macbook. You can find out more about this offer by visiting this link. The offer is valid until November 10, 2016.