On Wednesday, Microsoft officially confirmed to discontinue SwiftKey on the iOS platform, and it will start its removal in the early next month.

This means the iPhone and iPad users will not be able to use the SwiftKey predictive keyboard anymore, but the raising question is whether it will continue on Android. Let’s delve into every possible detail below.

Why Microsoft Discontinuing SwiftKey From iOS

Microsoft Suspending SwiftKey From iOS on October 5

As we all know, SwiftKey is an intelligent keyboard that reads and learns a user’s writing style in the impact it can make your writing fast, but it will be delisted from App Store on Wednesday, October 5th.

This all started when ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley reached out to Microsoft for asking more information on the lack of updates to the app, as the app didn’t get a single update from the last year.

At his request, Chris Wolfe, the director of product management at SwiftKey, gave a statement that reads, “As of October 5, support for SwiftKey iOS will end, and it will be delisted from the Apple App Store.”

And now, Microsoft has also officially stated this discontinuation in the SwiftKey support forum. Besides, the company also recommends visiting data.swiftkey.com to manage the data.

Also, the company has clearly confirmed that the app will continue on Android, and they are still going to provide updates.

Currently, Microsoft hasn’t pointed out any reason for this discontinuation, but it seems like the company has some policy issues only with the tech giant Apple’s App Store because it is still continuing with Android.

Separately, a month ago, Telegram’s CEO also criticized about App Store’s policy as it delayed their App’s update.

Microsoft acquired the platform in 2016, but the app was already on the App Store two years before this acquisition. And the app is used by a wide number of users as it has 4.6 ratings from around 97,000 users.


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