Microsoft Could Soon Unveil ChatGPT-Like Feature for Office Apps

Microsoft is aggressively making an effort to capitalize on the success of ChatGPT by bringing this Chatbot’s technology into its own different products, as the company is now planning for its Office productivity apps such as PowerPoint and Outlook.

Recently, the company released a new version of Bing that brought multiple ChatGPT-integrated features, and this move has also impacted Bing’s popularity, as many people are waiting to try it.

And Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may be expecting the same kind of result for the Microsoft 365 app, and according to a leak, there are higher chances of it, so let’s discuss all the details below.

Microsoft Would Introduce These ChatGPT-Like Features for Office Apps In March

Microsoft Would Introduce These ChatGPT-Like Features for Office Apps In March

A report from The Verge revealed that Microsoft has been working to integrate OpenAI’s language AI technology in its Prometheus Model, by which we would see enhancement in productivity apps included in Microsoft 365 app.

Besides, the report has also noted that the company holds a plan to make an official announcement regarding it in the next month. While the report hasn’t clarified its source and mentioned a person who is familiar with Microsoft’s plans.

It is even better for the company as it has a lot of good products, but with the requirement of the upgrade, and these upgrades are full-filled by Open AI’s multiple technologies.

In exchange, Microsoft has also funded the company earlier, so these upcoming development is just their return on investment.

Separately, some previous reports have also hinted that Microsoft is testing ChatGPT language model functions in its Outlook, as Outlook is also a big part of Microsoft’s productivity apps.

These tests were done with the aim of improving search results and providing some other AI features, such as suggesting replies to emails.

And these tests are not limited to Outlook because the company wants to implement the same for Word documents so the company can improve users’ writing experience.



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