Internet Users take several measures to block ads like they will install plugins/extensions in their browsers to make it ad-free but Microsoft Edge will come with its own Ad-Blocker, so you won’t need to’ install any plugin to get rid of ads while using Edge Browser. 

Microsoft’s Edge Browser To Get Built-in Ad-Blocking

Microsoft Edge is a browser developed by Microsoft and is pre-loaded with Windows 10 operating systems which replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser of the Windows. Microsoft at Build Conference this week and entitled “What’s Next for Microsoft’s New Browser” which included a slide staging built-in ad blocking which is expected to come with the upcoming version of the Edge Browser.

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If any internet user wants to get rid of ads, he/she installs browser extensions for this purpose. Last year, Apple presented the ad-blocking support on Safari browser via third party extensions. Mozilla’s co-founder launched a new browser called as Brave. Brave, which is a web browser and it comes with pre-installed ad blocking features. As we see many people are blocking ads through many plugins on computer browsers but it is not common in Mobile Browsers. Opera also launched developer edition of its browser with built in ad blocking support, it assures it means that websites will now load “up to 90 percent faster.”

Besides ad-blocking, new version of Edge will comes with other features like extensions support, integrated Bing Translator. Moreover, Edge is having a very low market share, this figure positioned at around 1.5% in December, last year.

Ad-Blocking is becoming popular because of less data consumption and protection against virus. However, it also affects the revenue of the website owners, as they solely depend on ads for the generation of revenue to maintain their websites.

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