NASA Social media accounts are strictly followed by space fanatics who are impatiently expecting for the discovery of new planets. However, the users who are scrolling through the twitter feeds of NASA’s Kepler account found a woman wearing nothing except knickers.

NASA gets Hacked, Tweets Photo of Woman’s Butt

If you certainly want to tour a place where you can discover about new planet findings and watch all different new worlds, then you should visit NASA’s Kepler twitter account. However, no one’s social media accounts are secured from hackers, not even NASA’s Kepler account.

NASA gets Hacked, Tweets Photo of Woman's Butt
NASA gets Hacked, Tweets Photo of Woman’s Butt

So people who kept an eye on news about the latest discovery of planets that are actually outside our solar system ended up seeing an extremely “Bold” content. On Wednesday NASA’s Kepler account got hacked and the hacker tweeted a photo of a woman wearing nothing but revealing knickers and is captioned as “Waitin for ya <3”. It is still to be clear how and why the account was being hacked, but the hacker tweeted a photo of a butt.

NASA’s Kepler is actually a floating observatory which is supposed to take new and beautiful photos of other star’s and planets, but the “butt” picture from official NASA’s Kepler account was out of the normal focus. NASA Kepler’s also ended up showing the pornographic content on the official website too!

According to the news, PostGhost a website supposed to hunt all the deleted tweets for verified accounts reported that the tweet was removed 16 minutes after it was posted in public. After 16 minutes the tweet was deleted and NASA’s Kepler account tweeted “Our account was temporarily compromised. We’re back in business, ready to tell you about new planet discoveries”.

As expected, followers of NASA’s twitter account went crazy over the happenings. Some of them found tweeting some funny quotes, and other seem to comment about security issue etc. Some of the tweets are: