The social network Twitter has some serious problems, and its terrible situation in the Stock Market clearly evidences it. Now, according to a recent study, the social network Twitter has nearly 48 Million users who are not human.

Nearly 48 Million Twitter Users Are Not Human

The social network Twitter has serious problems, and its dire situation in the Stock Market evidences it. Its policy has been months or even years taking some bad decisions in its strategy focused on the attempt of growth, and its counterparts like Facebook, among others, are growing.

What about the social network of the blue bird? They also grow their users, but even here there is a big problem for the company because no less than 48 million accounts are false, they do not correspond to people.

For months, headlines about the situation of Twitter is going through on the stock exchange, or the dire financial results, have been accompanied by a shy ‘but its users are still growing.’ Here also the social network has a serious problem, beyond its incapability to moderate the community and maintain the fulfillment of its use policy.

Although the number of users worldwide is growing, as this type of data, like 48 million of users who do not correspond to people is really a serious problem. So, it means that 15% of the total users registered are actually bots, yes, they are not real people.

Interaction and false activity: 15% of users on Twitter are ‘bots’

From Twitter, a spokesperson for CNBC recently commented that ‘bots are harmful to the social network.’ He did it remembering that there are bots purposely programmed and with a good purpose in the social network, such as those responsible for sending alerts automatically, for example, about natural disasters or news of general relevance. However, bots that only dedicate themselves to generate malicious activity without benefit, in fact, are detrimental to the rest of the users and to the company itself.

According to the research, from which this surprising figure is extracted, some bot accounts are beneficial because they are dedicated to fulfilling useful social functions. For example, sharing news and publications of general relevance.

However, there is a ‘dark side’ of bots on Twitter that either offer nothing positive to the rest of the users, who are human – or engage in terrorist recruitment and propaganda. What does Twitter do for spam or harmful activity? To stop this type of actions and things Twitter recently introduced a system of verification of authenticity of accounts which is work full but somehow it is more aggressive.

So, what do you think about this problem? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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