The Google Nexus 5 was launched in 2013 and it came with 16GB and 32GB storage variants. In both variants you can’t use memory card, however Nexus 5 user from Ukraine somehow managed to upgrade the storage of his Nexus phone.

Nexus 5 Hack Allows You To Upgrade Your Smartphone’s Storage To 64GB

Nexus 5 was best selling Android smartphone in 2013. It came with Snapdragon 800 processor, 1080 pixels display and good battery backup, however it came with limited storage.

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Technology in smartphones is improving day by day, like increased storage, good battery, and better camera, however Nexus like other ageing smartphones are not able to cope with the smartphones with battery technologies today. Around 60 -70 smartphones are launched every year, according to Canadian Ministry of Environment.

A Nexus 5 user from Ukraine and the user of XDA Developers forum, KApetz2 decided to increase the memory of his smartphone to 64GB from 16GB, he carefully separated the logic board of his smartphone and then ejected the existing 32GB chip and replaced it with new 64GB storage chip that he had bought for $35.

In the beginning, KApetz2 discussed with the developers at the forum about his idea, but he did not got much attention from other members. As discussed above, Nexus 5 came with 16/32GB variants, but KApetz2 managed to make the 64GB variant.

KApetz2 also mentioned the steps which he did to upgrade the storage of his Nexus 5. However, he said that the procedure is difficult. He also warned the users that their device might get bricked if the internal hardware was damaged.

By carefully replacing the existing storage chip, he successfully managed to upgrade the storage of his smartphone from 16GB to 64GB, which the smartphone company even didn’t manufactured.

If you want to know more info about this hack, head to XDA forums thread. However, we don’t recommend to try this procedure by yourself, as your device may get bricked if its internal hardware gets damaged.


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