A company has released a golden version of iconic Nokia 3310 which is known as Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit. As the back of the phone has a gold-plated portrait of President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump. Guess what is the price? The price is 50 times the original Nokia 3310.

This Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit Costs 50 Times The Original Nokia 3310

The fashion of custom phones far from turning off seems to be getting much stronger. If we are already accustomed to the special edition of new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy bathed in all kinds of precious metals (gold and diamonds included), now on the occasion of the G-20 International Summit, a company has announced a special edition Nokia 3310 with such expensive materials that most of us can not afford.

The company Caviar has thrown the house by the window and has brought the mythical phone of Nokia with a personalization dedicated “to the most popular person and the president of Russia and the president of US.”

The Russian company Caviar has introduced its Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit Edition as we told earlier, or what is the same, a custom Nokia 3310 phone with motives of both presidents who agree at the G-20 summit, where the 20 most powerful countries meet Economically of the world, but in particular emphasizing the president of the United States and its Russian namesake.

The design of the Nokia 3310 Summit Edition includes gold details around the keypad and on the commemorative plaque at the bottom of the device, which shows a coin with the effigies of both heads, looking at the same path “for Symbolize economic progress in the same direction and cooperation.”

The design is not there, because the phone is also built with a titanium case and with Damascus steel patterns, so if the original Nokia 3310 was already hard in itself, with these materials will be virtually indestructible. Yes, this modified version of the Nokia 3310 belongs to the recent edition, and not the old phone with the monochrome screen.

If you are interested in purchasing the phone you only need about $2510 (Rs. 162038 only) to change, and you can get it in the official shop of Caviar.

So, what do you think about this new special edition phone? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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