Nokia 5G Pickup Could Start as early as 2017, says Nokia's CEO
Nokia 5G Pickup Could Start as early as 2017, says Nokia's CEO

The Microsoft owned Nokia follows the move to the next generation of 5G Networks starting it ahead of 2020. Nokia’s CEO, Rajeev Suri on Sunday said that in the year 2020, many in the industry will assess mass market upgrades will start.

Nokia 5G Pickup Could Start as early as 2017, says Nokia’s CEO

Rajeev Suri said that Nokia aims to invest in 5G Technology in 2016 and sales of 5G ready kit could begin as early as 2017 and it will be also efficient of the upgrades in future.

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Rajeev stated to the audience that “5G will happen faster than expected. This may surprise some of you,”. The audience also included investors, henceforth of the Mobile World Congress.

Rajeev said that in response to earlier “Big Bang” roll-outs of older “Mobile Equipment Cycles”. Also, 5G will need many equipment upgrades in order formalize some key standards which may arrive in the year 2019 and 2019.

Rajeev further stated that “2020 is probably where we see global volume deployments,” – “We will start to see a lot of action ahead of 2020 – in 2017, 2019, 2019.”

The Giant Smartphone Market, China has witnessed the demand for present 4G equipment which peaked in the year 2015 after enormous roll-outs were done in China. Some Analysts believe that Nokia may witness declining sales till 5G picks up after 2020.

Usually 2G, 3G and 4G cycles gave voice calling, images, video calling and text, 5G will now also link with vars, cities, agriculture and the manufacturing plants.

“5G will happen faster than expected because these customers are already running fast,”

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Suri further said that, Pre-Standard “5G Ready” kit using SDN software which is abbreviated as Software Defined Network, this technology will let network and enterprise customers to proceed further to upgrade to full 5G Arrives once they are allotted and they will obtain licences to operate there.

Now, Nokia is eyeing towards 5G Technology to make its comeback. Let’s see whether Nokia will be successful or not by following this strategy. If you loved this article, feel free to share it !

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