Since Tech Viral started by providing “How To” tutorials, then technology news, we have launched a shopping platform for Tech Viral. Upon the request of our readers, we decided to start a platform that will provide quality courses for programming, hacking, pen testing, photography, etc. In fact, you can also see some electronic products as well on our deals platform.

Introduction To

Tech Viral Deals is a platform where you can get good quality courses, Gear + Gadgets, Web Services, Lifestyle, Software, Designer Assets, and much more.

Giving a brief introduction to our new shopping platform is necessary because it is our right to make our readers aware of the things available on our platform.

How Can You Earn Money From Tech Viral?

“You earn credit for future purchases on our site when the friends you’ve referred make their first purchase. It’s our way of saying “thanks” for spreading the good word! Your credit can be used toward any eligible purchase, and they never expire”.

As we stated earlier, we sell various things on our platform; you need to refer your friends to the special link you will be provided after you create an account on our platform. You can earn about $10 (R.s 680) when your friend purchases anything from our site via your link.

How Can You Participate in the Money-Making Program?

To earn from TechViral, visit this link and create a new account. After that, head to user credits, and you will see the attached page below.

Earn Money From Tech Viral

On the above-said page, you will be able to see Your Invite Link, and you just need to share it with your friends and ask them to purchase anything from our site.

After your friends successfully purchase anything from our site, you will earn $10. To virtually show you how much you can make money from our platform, I have done some stats below:

If you refer three users per day, you will be able to make $30 per day and a whopping $900 monthly. So why are you waiting? Move ahead and create your account right now.

When will you get the credit?

Once your referral is confirmed, we will deposit $10 in credits into your account within three days following the closing of the deal your friend bought. If you have any Credits in your account, they will be listed to the left.

Through the above link, you can see all your referrals and the amount you have earned. However, remember that you cannot redeem credit for any item more than once or on “Pay What You Want” sales.

Additionally, if you have some more questions regarding this program, you can leave your questions below, and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.