Microsoft announced that soon it will release “Windows 10 Anniversary Update”, which will bring a new feature that should get Android users excited. As Microsoft wants to bring Android device or smartphone notifications to the display of desktops and notebooks.

Now Windows 10 Will Display Notifications Of Android Devices

[dropcap]As[/dropcap] we all know that there are several solutions to bring Android device or smartphone notifications to the display of desktops and notebooks, but now Microsoft wants to make it an essential part of Windows 10. Last Thursday 31st March 2016, the tech giant Microsoft revealed that they want to display all the notifications about missed calls, messages and other content of your Android device directly on its own operating system Windows 10.

According to the information, the Action Center will receive new notifications ‘toast‘, which will function as a widget. This means that notifications can be expanded into the Action Center. Journalist Tom Warren posted an image on his personal Twitter which showed a little how notifications would work in the Action Center in Windows 10, in this case, we can see the weather application and this improvement will interact with the application without opening itself.

Notifications of your smartphone, on your desktop

Changes coming for the Windows 10 will be the possibility of having all notifications of your Android device or smartphone directly on the desktop through Cortana, the voice assistant of Microsoft as reported by The Verge. As we mentioned earlier that it will show the notifications about missed calls, text messages, and other contents that the user receives on heir Windows 10 Mobile and Android devices. It would be more interesting to see if in the future you can answer calls as is currently done with iOS and Mac OSX.

So far, the tech giant Microsoft haven’t confirmed any date for the launch of this innovation, limited to state that it should be present in a “future version” of its software. Apparently, the action is likely to make its appearance in the “Birthday Update” which was expected between June and September this year.


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