WhatsApp has increased its group users limit from 100 to 256. Earlier, the limit was increased from 50 to 100 in November 2014.

Initially Whats App Group had 50 users limit, after that the limit was 100 and now finally it has increased the user limit to 256. The new version 2.12.13 of WhatsApp is now available to download. You can get this feature after updating your Whats-App to latest version.

Now You Can Add Up To 256 Users in WhatsApp Group

Some users might not see this update but they can download the new version of application from the Whats App’s official website. This feature is currently available for Android and iOS and will arrive on other mobile operating system’s very soon.

In January 2016, Whats App announced that it will not charge $1 as annual subscription fee. Earlier, Whats App asked many users to pay yearly subscription fee for first year of use. With the passage of time, Whats App realized that it is not getting sufficient response from users when they asked users to pay annual fee. Later, they announced that Whats App will be free for lifetime.

Whats App recently announced that they are going to work to connect more and more people across the world in order to make it easier to communicate with business.

Whats App also crossed 1 Billion user mark. Now 42 Billion Messages are being exchanged via Whats App.

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According to reports, Facebook is planning to integrate linking option that will provide cross communication between Facebook and Whats-app.The use of linking of Whats-app and Facebook may not be clearly known, the doubt of all the features will be cleared only when it is released publicly. Also, one thing is clear that Whats-app user will be able to post concurrently on the timelines of both Whats-app and Facebook respectively.

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Whats App’s may keep increasing user limit in groups in future. As Whats-app recently crossed 1 Billion users, it seems that Whats App may keep increasing the limit. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.