Nvidia Unveil GeForce Beyond Event To Launch RTX 40-Series

After getting leaks and rumors for a year, Nvidia finally seems ready to launch its RTX 40 GPU series as it is holding an event later this month.

The company hasn’t mentioned anything about the 40-series graphic card, but due to some reasons, it is highly expected to get announced at the event, so let’s discuss it below.

Nvidia Might Launch RTX 40-Series GPU on September 20

Nvidia Might Launch RTX 40-Series GPU on September 20

Many of the details we got from the leaks, such as the Nvidia 40-series GPU might be 35% more powerful than the 30-series, and GeForce RTX 4060 would consume more power than the GeForce RTX 3070.

With all that, leaks also suggested that we might see its launch in August, but now it seems that its launch will head in September as the “GeForce Beyond” event will be held on September 20th.

The perfect reason for anticipating that Nvidia is going to launch next-gen GPUs is that the company usually launches its graphics card in September month.

And it might also be something other than the launch of a graphic card, which only has a 2% chance because, as you can see, the above tweet mentions something called “ProjectBeyond,” which doesn’t have any references yet.

While there is one more assurance about the GPUs launch that Nvidia’s founder and CEO Jensen Huang always keynotes the launch event, and also, for this event, he will be there with his GTC 2022 keynote.

How To Watch Nvidia’s GeForce Beyond Event

There are multiple ways to watch this Nvidia’s GeForce Beyond event. As usual, the company will stream it live on its official account of Twitch and YouTube.

What Are Timing of Nvidia’s GeForce Beyond Event

This event will start in daylight at 8 am Pacific Time(PT), and 11 am Eastern Time(ET), and to know your region’s timing, you can convert it according to your region’s time zone via any online time zone converter.


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