Recently, the mobile application developer Mike Tigas decided to make the Tor-based Onion Browser for iOS freely available in Apple’s official App store.

The Official TOR Browser For iOS Is Now Free To Download

You want to surf the Internet anonymously through your iPhone or iPad? Since the creation of Onion Browser for iOS is made it possible to do so. As it immediately connects the web browser to the Tor anonymity network.

So far, the developer allowed downloading the application from the App Store from Apple for a dollar. However, some personal convictions led them to offer Onion Browser for free. Most likely you’ve heard on occasion the terms Deep Web or darknet associated with the Tor network.

A network that has won, especially in recent years, great popularity for it’s rushed. However, the project has managed to design a network on which users can browse the Internet anonymously, making it very difficult to be traced in the Network of networks.

Well, the only way to enjoy this service is through a specific software, a web browser. In the case of iOS devices, users have Onion Browser, which is now available in the App Store for free.

It was created in 2012 by developer Mike Tigas for a friendly environment, the web browser later leapt into the Apple App Store and became the officially compatible browser for the Tor network for iOS devices. He did as a payment app ($ 0.99) the minimum price at the Cupertino store.

However, the series of political and social events that have taken place in recent months in the US and other conflict regions such as Iran which have led the developer to eliminate the cost of the app to make it available to users for free of charge. Thus, Tigas notes that facilitates the installation of Onion Browser for iOS users of regions in the payment platform of the Apple store directly access would prevent installation.

The decision to offer free Onion Browser will give Mike Tigas about annual income around $25,000, as pointed out by one of the sources consulted after conducting an interview with the developer.

As we have already mentioned, the particular advantage of Onion Browser for iOS is to offer anonymity on the Web to all users, but also to skip the restrictions and access to different pages and services in other countries where their governments prohibit their access.

While its design is not an impassable network but has weaknesses, it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to safely navigate the Internet. So, to do so, the user just has to install the browser on their iPhone or iPad, and within minutes the browser itself automatically connects to the Tor network.

Of course, Apple’s restrictions in enforcing the WebKit engine prevent the browser from exploiting to the full features of the anonymity network, although Tigas notes that it will work on new versions and updates will simply improve these points.


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