We all know very well that one of the great novelties of the iPhone X along with its large screen without borders is undoubtedly the Face ID. But, now it seems that the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X Face ID has been fooled just with the help of a mask.

OMG! Mask Fools Apple iPhone X’s Face ID

One of the great novelties of the iPhone X along with its large screen without borders is undoubtedly the Face ID, the 3D scanner that has been placed on the front of iPhone X and according to the tech giant Apple, this security feature could not be fooled with the use of a mask. Although yes, it is possible to cheat the Face ID with a mask.

Last weekend we also told you a similar case, this time you could fool the iPhone X and its Face ID thanks to the use of similar glasses and of course to have a reasonable physical resemblance.

Yes, you can fool the Face ID with a simple mask

As we said that it was one of the main messages of Apple in the presentation of the iPhone X and later explanations on the operation of the Face ID. It could not be deceived by a mask that pretended to be someone else. And well, in the video that we have known today is a security company that shows that this is not the case. This firm called Bkav is convinced that facial recognition is not the best way to protect our data on the mobile. Well, for this test have created a mask printed in a part in 3D, and topped with silicone in some areas, as for example in the molding of the nose.

In addition, some images printed in 2D have been affixed to the face of the person who owns the iPhone X to achieve a credible surface for the Face ID of the device. Well, as you can see in the video, before uncovering the mask you can not unlock the iPhone X, not finding any face in front, but when you uncover the mask and leave it in front of the iPhone X, we can see how instantly it is unlocked. In this way, the security company wants to show that the Face ID can be tricked in a relatively simple way.

Making this mask costs around $150, and with this demonstration from the security company, they want to show that the most effective method to keep our data safe is the traditional fingerprint reader. Of course, it seems clear that security systems based on facial recognition still have room for improvement, the problem is that the iPhone X has completely dispensed with the Touch ID. At least the South Korean giant Samsung has been more conservative and has decided to also offer the fingerprint reader, regardless of whether they like their new position or not.

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