We all know that Opera is well-known for its web browser and now it has extended its range of offers to other applications. Hence, recently it has launched the new version of Opera Max app which brings many new features and tools.

Opera Max 3.0 Brings New UI With Data-Saving Tips And Facebook Tools

Opera has done an excellent job with its browser, making it one of the best alternatives to the leaders. There is a willingness of this company to give users the best experience of using the Internet, and it leads to creating different products.

Opera Max, which now comes to version 3, is one such example. With it the saving of data is real and without that, the use of the apps of the smartphones suffer from this.

The Opera Max is a service of Opera which enable saving data to users. To achieve this, it uses a VNP that links us to Opera servers, where our content is optimized and prepared to consume fewer data.

The new version, now presented, further reinforces these savings, bringing them to new levels and now covering new areas, which continued to escape these mechanisms. It remains a service that does not require configuration to function, simply launching and getting ready to VPN for Opera.

Opera says that this new version has a completely redesigned design, which guarantees a much greater control of the user data for each of the different applications. The use of a card interface facilitates the presentation of information.

Opera Max 3.0
Opera Max 3.0

Opera Max data management system is better and can lower data consumptions. Another of the novelties, now in this area, is the saving of data on Facebook. With a simple touch, a web app version of the largest Internet social network, Facebook, circulating through Opera’s VPN, is launched, achieving a 50% reduction in consumption.

Opera Max is an alternative to taking into account whenever we have very low data plans and you want to extend them in time. The savings it offers are quite high, proving that this is probably one of the must-have Android apps.

So, what do you think about this new Opera Max 3.0? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below. Moreover, if you want then you can simply download this application from here.


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