After releasing their VPN service for desktops, Opera decided to invest in mobile platforms. Hence, the company has announced the launch of a VPN application dedicated to iOS, yes, earlier it was available only for the iOS users. But, now Opera makes its service available for the Android devices as well.

Opera’s Free Unlimited VPN Is Now Here For Android

Data protection and user safety is an issue increasingly in vogue. For these problems, users have started increasingly using the VPNs and other services like Tor. But, most of the services are paid. Hence, the Opera released VPN service which is now available for your Android that can be used by all and for free.

As in the version for iOS, the application is also offered free of charge and is based on the Opera browser, which allows for safe navigation when you’re on a public network. The application’s focus is security, and it is also possible to navigate as if you were in the United States, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands, making the service a good alternative to paid services that offer the same features.

Opera’s VPN also offers the possibility to block crawlers present in advertisements, but ironically because it is a free tool, the application itself will display some irrelevant ads.

After having been available on iOS for some time, the Opera VPN services now comes to Android where users can freely use its service, unlimited traffic and without registration.

The entire setup process of this VPN is fully automated and almost without the need for user intervention. This process configures the VPN completely within Android itself, with all the necessary parameters.

For now, this VPN gives users five exit points, putting users in virtual form in countries like the US, Canada, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands.

This VPN also has two additional tools, which ensure the safety of users on WiFi networks and block some advertising. Interestingly own VPN Opera presents its advertising to users as we said earlier, contrary to the principles that seek to implement.

This VPN service results from the purchase of SurfEasy by the Opera and has been to be released on multiple platforms. In addition to iOS, there is also a version of this service in the Opera browser itself.

The Opera VPN is currently available for all users only to use in Android devices and the application can be found on the Google Play Store. Experience the simplicity of Opera VPN, but it may decrease the speed of Internet access.


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