According to OPPO industrial designer Yue Dong, OPPO’s latest Find X5 Pro smartphone features a ceramic case to create a warmer and more tactile device.

Oppo unveiled the Find X5 Pro flagship last month with many of its standout features. However, the company has introduced some warmth into a typically ‘cold’ tech product.

Basically, the company builds this phone’s body with ceramic to make the device light and shiny. In addition, ceramic will make the device warmth and cold from the inside.

Ceramic Creates a “Unified and Streamlined Body”

Ceramic Creates a "Unified and Streamlined Body"
credit: Android Authority

Yue Dong also mentioned that “Smartphones have made our lives ever busier and stressful; we created this phone hoping to allow ”

Smartphones are typically made from glass, metal, or plastic. Ceramic represents legacy and beauty and pushes the boundaries of smartphone design.

Still, OPPO achieved the curved body of the Find X5 Pro using nanometer microcrystalline ceramic as the smartphone’s primary material, which was chosen for its structural properties and ability to create a “unified and streamlined body.

According to Dong, the smartphone’s ceramic back panel is two times stronger than a typical glass panel and two times as effective for heat dissipation. The ceramic cover took 168 hours to build.

The curved ceramic back is also designed to allow the camera to better integrate with the phone’s body.

As ceramic is a heavier material than glass, the team conducted a drop test on every curved surface to determine the right thickness to balance the weight and strength.

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