After targeting the Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts, the hacker group OurMine now targeted the CEO of the tech giant Google. As the hacker group, OurMine claims that they gained access to the Sundar Pichai’s Twitter account with more than 500,000 followers along with the Quora account.

OurMine Hacked Sundar Pichai’s Twitter And Quora Account

Earlier this month “OurMine” a group of hacker broke into Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Now, they targeted Sundar Pichai the CEO of tech giant Google, as the Sundar Pichai’s Quora account seems to be hacked by the hacker group “OurMine”.

The hacker group “OurMine” stated that they gained the access to the Sundar Pichai’s Twitter account with more than 500,000 followers along with the Quora account. However, the order has now been restored and messages on the social networks have been eliminated, but the media like “TheNextWeb” did indeed catch the moment. How have they done?

Sundar Pichai's Twitter Account
Sundar Pichai’s Twitter Account

Coming to Twitter via Quora

The hacker group OurMine has been targeting the significant tech executives, including the Spotify’s Daniel Ek. But, it is still not clear that how the hacker group “OurMine” is gaining access to their accounts, but it is expected that it doesn’t involve any system infringement of the social networks.

A spokesman for the group said that “we were testing the safety security of Sundar Pichai, hence, we used various exploits to pull the passwords from the celebrities’ browsers”. Moreover, the group also claims that they have gained access to the Sundar Pichai’s Twitter account through a vulnerability in Quora, on which they have already informed the company but they didn’t receive any answer from the company.

So you know, if you have an account on Quora perhaps you may have to take precautions. However, the hacker group “OurMine” is just endeavoring to rebrand itself as a security company, who offering its support to those it targets so that these conflicts don’t happen again.

As the hacker group “OurMine” said to the “TheNextWeb” media that it was only conveying a test:-
“We are just testing people security (sic), we never change their passwords, we did it because there is other hackers can hack them and change everything.”

“The group also noted that it managed to break into Pichai’s account by exploiting a vulnerability in Quora’s platform – one that it claims to have reported to the company, with no response”.

“Naturally, if you’re on Quora, you’ll want to change your password right away and make sure it isn’t the same as what you for other services”.