How to Overcome Smartphone Addiction
How to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

Time to overcome the smartphone addiction by following some of the tips that will help you to spend the time in real world rather than always being there in your android virtual world.

This is the 21st century and the new era of world where about most of the works are inter-related to the digital world and the digital devices. Smartphones have became part of people’s lives as they carry information, integrated tools that can help you in many ways and all that you get in one device. You can play games, surf internet, work with many useful apps etc. But for some users they only use the smartphones for entertaining purposes and by doing that they  also get addicted to these features. Mostly users that gets addicted sometimes want to get out of the addiction that they has been made but it becomes very difficult for them to do so. Here in this article we will tell you about some ways about how you can get out of the Smartphone addiction and live up the natural life. Go through the methods that are given below and then you will never overuse your smartphone anymore.

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How to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

These are the things given below that you can do to overcome Smartphone Addiction, just refer them all and you will overcome the addiction of these smart devices.

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#1 Turn Off the Notifications

You people might not know that mostly we use or get attracted to our smartphone whenever we get any new notification. This could be done from any social media that you are using or it can be either any add or some message etc. You get attracted towards your phone to check the notifications soas to stop that attraction you have to disable the notifications on your device. And there are some guides that can be helpful.

#2 Remove Social Media Apps

The most addictive thing is the social media that force you mentally to check your device again and again. Normally a person check their android around 25-100 times a day to check their social media activities. So better is to remove all these apps from your device and this will greatly reduce your android use.

#3 Uninstall Unused Apps

The apps are great source of attraction and also makes you addictive too if the app you use is of great type. These apps just are made for fun purposes and not for any other purpose, so you can delete them. Some social media apps are also  great attention builders, hence you should also delete them all from your device. Preferably you should keep your device to the stock UI and with all the Default apps and features only.

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#4 Use Check App To Check Your Phone Usability

By giving you insight into your phone checking habit, Checky helps you become more aware. This awareness can help you make changes to your phone usage, if you feel you need to make a change! It’s also fun to find out exactly how much you are using your phone, and to compare your stats with friends. So try out this now.

#5 Don’t put Any Media In Your Smartphone

Try to put all the media on your computer either of using your smartphone. The other thing that user’s use mostly on their devices is that they all like to watch up short clips, movies and to listen music on their devices. This is also the major attention builders of the Smartphone users so you should remove all the media from your device.

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#6 Set Particular Boundaries To Your Android Usage

Well, if you are addicted to your android, you may not get rid of the addiction, so better option is to set up particular boundaries for your android, so that you can only use it for particular day event like:-

No phone usage at mealtimes
No phone usage in the restroom
No phone usage at social events
No phone usage during in-person conversations
No phone usage in the bedroom

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#7 Mute The Group Chats

Group chats probably force your mind to take up your android phone and this can goes on complete day. So better is to mute the group chats of all your social networks that is Facebook, Hike and Whatsapp etc. So try this and it will greatly help you.

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#8 Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode While Going To Bed

Your android can easily eat up your resting period as there can still be lots of notifications that can’t make you sleep. So better is to put your device on Airplane mode that will help you to have peace and take the rest.

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#9 Use Traditional Alarm Clock Rather Than Smartphone

Today almost everyone is dependent on their smart device to wake up in the morning. But we prefer to use the actual alarm clock that is the traditional alarm clock to wake up in the morning.

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#10 Use Watch Rather Than Smartphone To check Time

While you put up your device to check the time then you see lot of notifications and you again start using your device. So better is to use the watch to check the time rather than using your smartphone.

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So these are the some of the things that you can do to get out of the smartphone addiction but remember that this will only work if you will not end up and again redo the above changes. Keep your will strong and try to force your mind away from the smartphone and try to indulge mostly in the worldly life. Also try to keep away from the Smartphone as much as you can.



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