What if I say you all that the future is here and what only a few years ago could only be seen in science fiction films? Yes, when it comes to different and innovative ways to make payments, of course, China looks to be leading the way, as now you can pay with your smile in China.

Have A Million-Dollar Smile? Well, Now You Can Pay With It

The future is here and what only a few years ago could only be seen in science fiction films, little by little it is implanted so that soon it becomes one of the normalities derived from the new technologies.

Among these, one of the subsectors that advance the most in the study, development, and implementation of new techniques is e-commerce. The cause is more than evident: electronic commerce moves tens of billions of dollars in the world.

At the same time, one of the most important markets for it is the Chinese, not in vain, only the demand for domestic consumption guarantees important benefits. The reflection is that one of the most important companies worldwide in the field of e-commerce comes from the Asian giant, and among them highlights Alibaba, a monster that moves a lot of money and is already present in major markets around the planet.

Smile when you pay

Despite its success, as in this of the new technologies, the ‘renew or die’ is taken to the limit, Alibaba has already launched a new payment system that brings us even closer to the futuristic films of not too long ago. This is the commercial use of facial payment, whereby a system recognizes the features of the user and executes the corresponding transaction.

As the company itself explains through Alizila, something like its media center, ‘Smile to Pay’ is the first service of its kind launched and for now has done so in the new KFC restaurant in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, precisely where Alibaba has its headquarters.

Through it, the Alipay subscribers can authenticate their subscriptions by combining the facial scan with the introduction of their mobile phone number. According to the company, with this system will have to “break” wallets and, why not, stop using their smartphones for this type of transactions.

Wig-proof and makeup

At the moment, although it is already in use, it is something experimental. It should be noted that the system includes several mechanisms (such as three-dimensional cameras and sophisticated software) to correctly identify the user, also in the case of wearing a wig or makeup.

E-commerce giant Alibaba (Aliexpress) had been working on this technology for years, to the extent that its founder, Jack Ma, showed the idea more than two years ago. What I said, the future is here…. for a long time.

So, what do you think about this technology? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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