Let’s admit it: purchasing a pet is very easy; just visit a pet shop, find a pet you like, pay the purchase price, and bring it home. However, taking care of a pet is not everyone’s cup of tea. Caring for a pet requires dedication, a fair amount of hard work, and many responsibilities.

If you just got a new furry friend, you may like to know the importance of a pet monitoring app. Pet monitoring apps are available for both Android & iPhone, and they usually provide much-needed features like remote monitoring, activity tracking, health alerts, etc.

10 Best Pet Monitoring Apps for Android

So, if you have recently purchased a new pet and are looking for ways to monitor them remotely, continue reading the guide. Below, we have shared some of the best pet monitoring apps for Android. With these apps, you can effectively monitor your pets and have peace of mind. Let’s get started.

1. Barkio


Barkio is one such Android app that every pet owner, especially those with dogs, would love. This is a full-fledged pet monitoring app for Android that lets you use two devices to keep an eye on your pet.

One device would be used as a recorder, and the other would be used to view the live video stream. You can set up two devices to watch live videos, talk to your pet, get notifications when your pet makes noise, etc.

The good thing about Barkio is that the app provides pet monitoring features without additional equipment. Overall, this is one of the best dog monitoring apps you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

2. AnyPet Monitor

AnyPet Monitor

AnyPet Monitor is very similar to the Barkio app we listed above. If you have an old or unused smartphone/tablet, you can use the AnyPet Monitor to turn it into a security camera.

After turning one of your phones into a security camera, you can use your primary phone to view the live captures. AnyPet Monitor allows you to turn your old phones or tablets into a pet monitoring system, eliminating the need for expensive pet monitoring hardware.

After setting up the app, you can see what your pet is doing, hear your pet bark, talk to your pet, etc. The app also provides features like Night Vision, which allows pet monitoring at night.

3. Clio


Clio isn’t very popular but is a high-quality pet tracking app on the Google Play Store. With Clio, you can easily track your pet’s nutrition, activity, and behavior.

It’s a bit different from the other apps on the list because it’s not a pet monitoring app; instead, it’s a pet care tracker that offers you features like tracking the health of your Pet, nutrition intake, behavior of your pet, medical history management, vaccine tracking, etc.

Although the Clio app is very useful, some features are locked behind a paywall.

4. Pet Parents

Pet Parents

Pet Parents is a very well-designed pet care app for Android that lets you keep all your pet records in one place. Basically, you can use this app as a monitoring app because you can monitor vaccines, health reports, etc.

Some of the key features of Pet Parents include keeping medical records safe, getting vaccine reminders, sharing important information with caretakers, etc.

So, the Pet Parents app is for those who want to parent all their pets in one place. Overall, Pet Parents is a great pet record app for Android you should use.

5. PetNote


PetNote is very similar to the Pet Parents app listed in the article. Basically, this app lets you manage your pets’ conditions, notes, and expenses all in one place.

We have listed PetNote in the list of best pet monitoring apps because you can monitor your pet’s condition with this app.

It also has a diary feature that lets you jot down memorable incidents and manage expenses like hospital bills, mean expenses, etc.

6. Tractive GPS

Tractive GPS

Tractive GPS is basically a cat and dog monitoring app for Android that lets you keep your pet safe & healthy. It could be a great companion app for your pets with GPS trackers.

You can use this app to see exactly where your pet is at all times, detect potential issues early with health alerts, keep them fit & healthy, etc.

However, the Tractive GPS app requires a dedicated GPS tracker device. You can purchase the tracker device from its official website and use this app to monitor the location of your pets.

7. PetCam App

PetCam App

PetCam App is a dog monitoring app for Android that lets you keep in touch with your pet dog via the live video streaming function of your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Since it’s a pet monitoring app, it requires two devices to function. To get started, you need to choose your home station (device that turns into a security camera) and activate the receiver on your mobile device that will stay with you.

Once set up, you can watch your pet while you are not at home. It also offers other features like talking to pets, recording videos, etc.

8. DogLog



DogLog is the ultimate dog care app that makes dog ownership less stressful. You can use this Android app to track your dog’s health, coordinate daily tasks, and more.

If you have a puppy, you can use this app to track your puppy’s training, understand their potty schedule to get them trained, set reminders for upcoming vaccinations, etc.

It also has a health log that lets you log your pet’s symptoms to understand better and share the symptoms data with your vet.

9. Tracki Pet GPS for Dogs

Tracki Pet GPS for Dogs

Tracki Pet GPS for Dogs is similar to the Tractive GPS app we have listed above. This one also requires a dedicated GPS tracker installation on your pet to function.

Basically, this is an app that lets you read the data grabbed from a dedicated GPS tracker device. You can purchase the GPS tracker device from the official trackipet website.

If you already have the TrackiPet tracker, you can use this app to create & manage the geo zones, track your pet, share your pet’s location, etc.

10. Dogibo


Dogibo turns your old Android smartphone into a dedicated AI Pet camera. To use this app, you must install the Dogibo Cam app on your old phone and connect it to your primary phone.

Once done, place your old phone in a room where you can easily monitor your pet and use your primary phone to view the recording feed.

The app is extremely easy to set up and use, and it also provides other features like communication with your pet remotely, getting notifications on pet behavior changes, playing music to relax your pet, etc.

So, these are some of the best pet monitoring apps for Android that you can download & install from the Google Play Store. Almost all apps are free to download & use. If you want to suggest any other pet monitoring app, let us know in the comments below.


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