How to Play Nokia's Snake Game on Facebook Messenger
Play Nokia's Snake Game on Facebook Messenger

Learn how to play one of the most played games that are Nokia’s Snake game right on your Facebook Messenger. And that too with high-quality resolution. So follow the below tutorial to proceed.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you remember that old snake game that was first introduced by the Nokia in its old mobile devices? I bet that you possibly might be knowing about that game as this was being one of the most popular games at that time and many people tend to play it at their free times. By time and the advancement in the tech the smartphone devices have been invented and the level, graphics and the quality of the games have now increased to certainly greater level. The Nokia’s Snake game would be just nothing if compared to the modern games! Although the game is not at all graphic rich and that very advanced but the people even in this era, do love to play it. To imitate that pleasure of playing the Snake game, the Facebook Messenger have been included in this game so that the users could play this game while in that short free time they get while doing the tasks. You might be confused about the thing that how could one play the game on the facebook messenger as it is a traditional social media service, but for your information, we should say that the same is possible and for doing that up some method have to be followed up. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which anyone could play up the Snake game on the Facebook Messanger. Just read up the article and know about that method!

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How to Play Nokia’s Snake Game on Facebook Messenger

Note: The active internet connection is required to play the game on the Facebook Messenger unless it doesn’t run.

The method is quite simple and easy, and you will be using one simple method to play Nokia’s Snake game. So follow up the below steps to proceed.

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Steps to Play Nokia’s Snake Game on Facebook Messenger:

#1 First of all login to your Facebook through the messenger app by just filling in the credentials. For the feature to work on you would have to make sure that you are running the latest version of the Messenger unless you won’t get up the results.  Remember that you need to log in through the messenger app only and not through any other similar app as the feature won’t work in those other apps. The key here is that the official messenger app is fitted with the game feature and the same would possibly not run in the other third party apps.

#2 Open up the new conversation after you get logged in, you could use up the existing conversation too. You know that this step is simple as this is what all you do with the messenger app, and that’s not at all new. The conversation panel is loaded with some features, and there are numerous options, most of which you probably might not have still used. Our process is just inside these options, follow up the rest of the article to know about that.

#3 Now while you are on the conversation screen you would be able to see the icons below text field, just look for the game controller icon there and just click on it. By doing so, you get the chance to witness many different instant games which all are available to be played. All these games are very small in size and are mainly meant for the purpose of instant fun while doing up the heavy conversations, and not for the special gaming purposes.

Play Nokia's Snake Game on Facebook Messenger
Play Nokia’s Snake Game on Facebook Messenger

#4 Search for the Snake game from there and then select it up. The game should begin instantly, and you would then be able to play it alone or challenge up your friend for a competition! The controls will be simple enough as these would appear on the screen. Just make up some fun with your friends by playing the game while doing up the chat. Maybe your angry friend gets normal sooner by that!

Play Nokia's Snake Game on Facebook Messenger
Play Nokia’s Snake Game on Facebook Messenger

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So finally you have got about the way through which the Nokia’s Snake game could be played on the Facebook Messenger. As from the article you have known that the method isn’t very tough for certainly playing up the game on Facebook messenger but only a few of the things would take the user to that amazing game!

Apart from the snake game, you should also try up those all available games, and you would find those games to be amazing. Don’t worry about the controls and access to any other game as you will require following the same above process to play those games. It’s your time now to show off your skills in some game to your friends while doing up the chatting on Facebook Messanger! In case if you are facing the issues while availing the snake game feature on the Facebook Messanger then contact us or comment below with the details. We would love to help you fix your issues regarding the messenger game.