PlayStation 5 'Slim' Build By A Youtuber
Image: DIY Perks

Sony has PS5 in two variants PS5 base model and PS5 Pro, but the company didn’t launch a Slim variant of the PS5, but now it exists due to a famous tech YouTuber.

Recently, Sony has been spotted working on a new Play Station 5 Pro controller codenamed Hunt, but currently, there is no information about its launch.

A YouTuber Modded PlayStation 5 into a “Slim” Version

A YouTuber Modded PlayStation 5 into a Slim Version
Image: DIY Perks

PlayStation 5, the most awaited PS ever, came after a long wait from the PS4 launch, and it was launched with a completely unique & new design in the white color theme.

As rumors failed, this model would get a slim variant, and PS5 got only two variants without many design differences. Now, Matt Perks, known as DIY Perks on YouTube, has fulfilled the dream of seeing PS5 slim.

Matt Perks has invested a lot of time in creating the PlayStation 5 “Slim,” which made it slimmer at half-inch from the front, and also Matt was the first to do it at this perfection.

This unofficial PS5 is much slimmer than its other variants, and Matt created it in golden finishing with a shiny effect copper body. The copper body is an excellent choice because it can also work as an anti-heat.

Actually, it was possible because of removing power supplies and heat sinking components. Still, Matt shifted all external power supply and cooling solutions to another box that was hidden under the table.

And the cooling solution includes a water cooling system from another box that will make the CPU, SSD, and other components cooler in the main compartment. In half an hour of video, it thrilled us, and Matt also us little gameplay.

Everything is a part; it looks really awesome below of TV panel, downed shining body with mini led light and kind of limited edition.


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