Learn how to Prevent Files from Showing Up in Media Players in Android without using any third party app and the implementation is just renaming the one file and you are done, So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen we talk about the media players then it is all clear that there is no single type of media’s, while there are numerous types of files that are handled by the media players or even the gallery app. The images are shown by the gallery app, it also shows the video files etc. All those files that show up on the screen include the each and every type particular file category placed inside the storage of the device. The music or the media player apps show up the files from the recordings, songs, ringtones etc. All those unnecessary files are not recommended by any of the users so it is better to hide those media files. Here in this article, we are to tell you about the method through which you can be able to prevent certain files from showing in the media players of the Android OS. You know that this is a highly required method so it has to be applied on every device. If you are not knowing about the method than for grasping it just read up to this whole post and the information embedded inside it!

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How to Prevent Files from Showing Up in Media Players in Android

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#1 The Music or the files that show up on the Media Players include only those data that have been indexed by the internal search functions of the system. In really short words you can see the files in any browser or the media apps because these have been detected by the system. Now if you are seeing that there are certainly a number of files that tend to appear then just the media files alone as if the search results include all of the audio files, then it is required to stop the indexing of all extra files.

#2 Now you might be thinking that for making some sort of files remain hidden as the system search for the media or the music files, then it would be required to do lots of complex changes. But in reality it is not at all like that, else the steps are completely easier than you would even think of. The process is to collect all the similar types of files in a single unique folder and make another unique folder for the file you don’t wish to let appear on the playlists or anywhere else.

#3 The above task will be manually done by using the file browser, and after you have completed the filtration for the files you need to do a magic trick that will change the way your files are being searched by the system. The trick is to make a new file inside the folder and name it .nomedia and just save it up. Now the whole content of that particular folder inside which the files have been created would not be indexed by the system anywhere.

Prevent Files from Showing Up in Media Players in Android
Prevent Files from Showing Up in Media Players in Android

#4 Utilize the trick for almost any kind of the files and you shall not see those tricked files anywhere inside the system apps!

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Finally, you are at the edge of the article where you have got about the method through which you can be able to easily prevent the unnecessary and unintended files or the media from appearing on the media players lists. This method would override the issue of manually skipping the useless media files everytime these appear on the playback screen. We have provided you with all the stuff that you would require to actually get the benefits and all of you must be able to utilize the method for sure. Still, if you are facing any sort of issue then you can tend to get our support, and for that, you need to paste about your problem inside the comments section. At last, if you faced no issues and got to the results of the method smoothly, go and share this article and even like it!


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