Process Email With Your Voice Using Astro
Process Email With Your Voice Using Astro

Learn how to Process Email With Your Voice Using Astro by which you can easily send the emails right away from your accounts. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]riting a single email could be no difficulty at all and anyone would like to write it with the use of keyboard and the hands. While the problem arises when there is the need to write numerous emails and all that with the hands. Basically, the home users don’t require to write multiple emails all the days but the business employees, working people need to write hundreds of emails and handle them so as to carry forward various processes. Think of it and you shall find that it is really hard to write those many numbers of emails and reply to the same all with the use of the keyboard. While with the rise of the technology the keyboard usage has been bypassed for a number of processes, Siri, Windows Voice Recognition, etc are all the examples where the commands of the voice all perform the tasks of the keyboard. Now for the Email processing, there is Astro tool that just helps to make it much easier to reply and write up the emails just using the voice. Here in this article, we have written about the method of how you anyone could utilize the Astro tool and hence write and process the emails just through the voice. If you are interested to know about this then please go and read out the whole of this article until the end!

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How to Process Email With Your Voice Using Astro

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Process Email With Your Voice Using Astro:

#1 First of all, you must know that to use the Astro the third party email client you must own any Gmail or Office 365 email account. If you own an account of this service providers then just proceed to the process but if you don’t have the one then first create an account and then only you could carry forward.

#2 Inside the Astro it separates the emails in your account with the AI feature into priority and other messages. You just don’t have to do anything to make these separations while the app itself judges this over the time. Although the user could also make the selections for the priority contacts and the other contacts inside the Astro.

Process Email With Your Voice Using Astro
Process Email With Your Voice Using Astro

#3 If you are using the Astro on the mobile simply click on the robot Astro icon inside the app and then again tap on the microphone icon. This would activate the voice hearing function for the Astro and you could not speak up the commands to this app so as to make up the email processing. Using the few commands like Reading, Delete, Snooze, Archive, Reply etc to perform the corresponding actions on the Astro mobile app. Just use your voice to dictate the email content and it should be written inside.

Process Email With Your Voice Using Astro
Process Email With Your Voice Using Astro

#4 There would be many other commands inside the Astro that you could use to make up the changes and perform the actions related to the email performances. Simply surf through the app and you would be able to write up the text, and emails, reply, hear the emails etc all. For the computer app, you can also do the same things but the options would be placed differently inside the PC app. Just look for the functions and get the assistance of your voice for the email processing.

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Here in this article you finally got to know about the way through which you could process the Email with the voice only using the Astro. The info is completely easy to be followed and you could definitely be able to utilize it or apply it to yourself. If you are completely new to the tech world then it could be an exception and you would take more time to grasp the method or the process. At last, we hope that you would like the information in this article, please share this article with others if you really like the information so that other people could also get to know about it. Do comment on your opinions and the suggestions related to this article, we would appreciate your support!


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