Realme has confirmed the news that it will launch new earbuds on May 25 at the event with other seven Realme products. The Realme Buds Q is the new addition to Realme wireless earbuds.

Realme Buds Q truly wireless earbuds teased for May 25 launch.

Realme Buds Q Truly Wireless Earbuds To Launch On May 25
Realme Buds Q Truly Wireless Earbuds To Launch On May 25

In a post on Weibo, the company has announced about the Realme Buds Q TWS earbuds. The post says, Realme Buds Q will be launched with seven other products at the upcoming event. It is also said that Buds Q earbuds will have a design in collaboration with French designer Jose Levy.

The company has already confirmed about the Buds Air Neo earbuds which are coming to India on May 25. Nothing has confirmed about the launch of Buds Q earbuds in India.

The post on Weibo shows the teaser of the upcoming earbuds. Realme says that Buds q will be launched originally in China. In the teaser, the earbuds are shown in black colour with an elliptical, pebble-like charging case which is also in black colour. The caption in the teaser image reads as, “inspired by soft and round pebble, perfect curves that fit your hands and ears, and make your ears fall in love with it.” – in English translation.

Realme Buds Q design is different from Realme Buds Air as the earlobe protrusion is away with the former. The earbuds also have silicone ear tips which will come in different sizes.

However, there is no news about the specifications of the Realme Buds Q earbuds. But if we guess, then Buds Q can come at premium users as Buds Air line-up caters to the affordable segment in China and India. As the price will be higher, the Realme Buds Q will have a noise cancellation feature and other sound-related changes.

On the event on May 25, Realme has a total of eight products to announce. Out of the eight products, three are smartphones. The three smartphones are Realme X50 Pro Player Edition, Realme X3, Realme X3 SuperZoom. Apart from these three smartphones, it has Realme Buds Air Neo, Realme Q, and Realme TV. Other two products are left, which we can guess can be a new Power bank.


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