Record Screen With Audio On iOS 11
Record Screen With Audio On iOS 11

Now you can Record Screen With Audio On iOS 11 by enabling the simple inbuilt feature of this latest ios version by which you can record different activities. So have a look at the complete guide below.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he recording of the screen might be required on the iOS devices for various purposes, maybe you would be willing to share some actions on the UI to your friends, provide the tutorial for any iOS tasks, or just record the video calls or the media clips running online, etc. There could be numerous reasons why you might wish to record the screen moments on your iOS device and we would not be relating to all of these but only sharing about the actual focus of this method. By default there is no way on the iOS software platform to create or to capture the screen of the device with audio, this is because the developers didn’t find any relevance to this function for the users in their day to day life. But as the iOS platform is one of the best platforms that is known for its capabilities to attain any kind of function through the third-party apps or the tools, the screen record function could also be grasped to this platform really easily. Here in this article, we have described the method through which the users could be able to record the screen with audio on their iOS devices without any issues. If you are here on this page to know about that method then please go and read out the information in this article until the end. You must get to know about the easiest way for grasping the same function on the iOS!

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How To Record Screen With Audio On iOS 11

#1 Although most of the users find that the ability to record the screen on the iOS could only be gained through the third party apps but truly the same option for this function is already present inside the system. It is not enabled by default and the users need to enable and place it on the screen. For that option availability or showing up on the screen just read ahead.

#2 First of all go to the device settings in the iOS and then inside the screen just tap on the Control Center option from there. Select the option named Customize Controls under there and then inside it look for another option named Screen Recording. You possibly would have got to know about the usage of this option. Tap on the plus icon in green color aside to the above-reached option and you would then see that the same option would be added to the control center on your iOS device.

#3 Once you have performed the above actions and made all the preferences in the iOS device you now have to go to the screen where you wish to start recording the display. Simply pull the control center above on the screen and then look for the record icon or the tile and click on it. This would show you the options to start recording of the screen, microphone switch on/off etc. Just choose the one of your preference and then go ahead with the same.

Record Screen With Audio On iOS 11
Record Screen With Audio On iOS 11

#4 To stop the video recording for the screen with the audio just pull the control center again and from there click on the recording icon and stop it. This could also be done through the red colored status bar where the recording or the stop icon is placed. Just click on the stop option on the status bar and your recording would stop immediately.

Record Screen With Audio On iOS 11
Record Screen With Audio On iOS 11

#5 the saved recording would be placed in the camera roll inside the photos app so you could anytime access all of your screen recording made by the above process.

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iOS screen recording could be essentially required sometimes for different purposes so it is highly preferred for the users to get and learn the method to do so in this article. As you have got that the method is really easy to be applied so it could be easier for any beginner to grasp the benefits out of this method and hence complete the related tasks. We hope that you would like this article and the whole information provided here in this article, if it is so then please do like up this article. Also, share this article with as many people as you could so that the others would also gain the knowledge about the information insisted here. We would appreciate if you shall comment on your opinions and the suggestions regarding this post and the method, please use the comments section for the same!


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