Are you searching for the best free Reddit apps? If yes, then check out the 10 best Reddit Apps For Android to surf through the subreddits.

Well, if you have been a part of the internet for a while, then you might already know about Reddit. Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet. Reddit is a massive community where you can discuss almost any topic. Reddit covers every category, like Android, iOS, Artificial intelligence, etc. However, those categories were divided into the form of subreddits.

You won’t believe it, but there are over 100,000 subreddits to choose from. Reddit also has a mobile app to view the content of those who don’t know. However, there’s no better way to view the front page of the internet than with a dedicated app.

10 Best Reddit Apps For Android

So, in this article, we will share some of the best Reddit apps for Android that can be used to surf through the subreddits pretty easily. So, let’s explore the list of best Reddit apps for Android.

1. BaconReader for Reddit

BaconReader for Reddit

If you are searching for a Reddit client with a Material Design interface that provides background themes and color-coded comments, then you need to try BaconReader for Reddit. Guess what? BaconReader for Reddit is one of the best and top-rated Reddit apps on the Google Play Store. If we talk about the features of BaconReader for Reddit, the app provides users with advanced filtering, search, and multi-account support options.

2. Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit

It is another best Reddit apps on the list, which offers a material design interface. If we talk about the features, Boost for Reddit provides users with useful features like Material Design, in-app media previews, filterings, etc. Not only that but Boost for Reddit also got widget support as well. So, Boost for Reddit is another best Reddit clients you can use on your Android smartphone.

3. Now for Reddit

Now for Reddit

If you are searching for an Android app that would allow you to browse Reddit with a beautiful interface, then you need to give Now for Reddit a try. Guess what? Now Reddit is a simple yet useful Reddit app with many unique features. The app right now offers two themes – Dark and Light to browse Reddit. Apart from that, Now for Reddit offers color-coded comments, Imgur support, etc.

4. Joey for Reddit

Joey for Reddit

Well, Joey for Reddit is one of the unique Reddit apps for Android available on the Google Play Store. Guess what? Joey for Reddit got the ability to preview the images and videos by tapping and holding on to them. You no longer need to open each post to view the images. Users can also change the theme, format comments in the text editors, etc.

5. Sync for Reddit

Sync for Reddit

It is another best and top-rated Reddit apps on the list, which is extremely lightweight and fast. It brings a card-style layout that can transform your Reddit surfing experience. Apart from that, some of the key features of Sync for Reddit include a drop-down menu for subreddits, color-coded comments, multiple themes, material design, etc. Additionally, Sync for Reddit also got support for multi-account and multi-window.

6. Removed for Reddit

Removed for Reddit

If you are amongst those who spend most of their time on Reddit, Removed for Reddit might be the best pick for you. The great thing about Removed for Reddit is that it shows the deleted Reddit comments. This is an open-source Android app that is entirely free.

7. Relay for Reddit

Relay for Reddit

Well, if you are searching for a Reddit client for Android with Material design, then Relay for Reddit might be the best pick for you. Compared to every other Reddit client, Relay for Reddit offers more features. Relay for Reddit’s key features include moderator features, inline media previews, multi-account support, subreddit filter, etc.

8. RedReader

It’s another best free and open-source Reddit app on the list which you can use right now. The great thing about RedReader is that it’s free, and there are no ads on the app. Some of the key features of RedReader include multi-account support, night mode theme, tablet support, etc.

9. Infinity for Reddit

Infinity for Reddit

If you are searching for an Android app that offers a smooth Reddit browsing experience, then Infinity for Reddit might be the best pick for you. Guess what? Infinity for Reddit is completely free and ad-free. The app offers two themes – Light and Dark to suit the environment.

10. Reddit (official app)

Reddit (official app)

Reddit (the official app) is less recommended, but it’s ideal for casual viewers. It has lots of features like posting tools, Reddit Gold Support, Subreddit management, etc. However, the app is a bit buggy and can ruin your experience.

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So, these are the ten best Android Reddit apps that you can use now. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.


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