Remove Locations from Google Maps and Google Now
Remove Locations from Google Maps and Google Now

Learn how to remove locations from Google Maps and Google Now with the simple and straight method that will remove all the searched locations in your app. So follow the tutorial to proceed.

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]oogle Now is the extremely powerful assistant for the Android devices, and this assistant makes sure to the users that they get the amazing stuff like sports updates, news, etc. all on their devices. Google now works intelligently with the Google Maps to determine your daily locations to specify you and help you up about the location info, distance etc. While the Google Now integrates with the Google Maps to judge your daily spots of working it also relatively combines all that data to help you out by suggesting you the area information for that locations so that you could know more about that place without even spending a lot in searching about that. This would then regularly suggest you the areal information for the places you mostly visit, but this could not be required sometimes by the users so they would like to remove such suggestions. To remove the locations from the Google Now by the Google Maps integration, you would have to follow some method. Here in this article, we have stated that particular method, just go and read about that.

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How to Remove Locations from Google Maps and Google Now

The method is quite simple and you just need to follow some simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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1. Firstly, check out whether your Google Maps on your device is up-to-date or not and if it is not then you should update it. After that, you have to open it on your device and get on to the another step for the method.

2. Inside the Google Maps tab on the left sidebar, you will find the menu is revealed as soon. Check for the option Your places and click on it. This option will open the locations that have been labeled by the Google Maps. The home and the work location places of yours would be placed at the first in the list most probably if it have been recognized previously.

Remove Locations from Google Maps and Google Now

Remove Locations from Google Maps and Google Now

3. Now using the simple techniques and app options, you could easily delete all those labeled places and these won’t be there after that.

4. You could also remove the function of the Google Maps for some places or the Locations being tracked for the number of times you visited them. To do that, just scroll over to the Saved to see all the places you have visited or started and then tap on the three dot icon and choose the option Remove star.


5. If you wish that the travel times for any places should not be traced and hence be listed in your Google Maps data, you could set that up by tapping on the sidebar inside Google Maps, choosing the Settings and then Your Feed. Here disable the “Commute and time to Leave“. That’s it!

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This was all about the method by which the location could be removed from the Google Now that has been integrated with the Google Maps working together with the Google Now assistant. You have got all the information regarding the method, and essentially you would be able to run the method. So let’s go and utilize the method and hence get the result.