The Indian government is closely watching on the rising mobile manufacturer Ringing Bells. The company launched world’s cheapest smartphone previous week. It has got over 7 crore registrations in which the company is just delivering 5 million smartphones, 2.5 million orders online and 2.5 million orders offline.

Ringing Bells To face Action if it Fails to Deliver Freedom 251 Phone, says Indian Telecom Minister

Freedom 251 was launched at the price of R.s 251 ($4) at a high profile event held at New Delhi. This phone got fame in no time, however it also got negative reviews which included copyright infringement, misguiding people, not approved to government, delivery time. Also, BJP’s MP labelled this company as ‘ponzi bogus company scam’.

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Telecom Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad today said that it will take action against Ringing Bells if it fails to deliver R.s 251 smartphones.

Mr. Prasad told reporters that “Our Ministry inquired into how prepared they (Ringing Bells) are, whether they can provide a phone for Rs 251 or not. Whether they have the BIS certificate or not, we have spoken to them”.

He further said that he did this step in order to verify that there are no disagreements later.

Mr Prasad added that “If there are any, we will take action as per the law. Our department is keeping a watch,”.

The cheapest smartphone in the world was showcased last week. Ringing Bells announced worlds cheapest smartphone last week.

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This emerging smartphone has became victim of number of controversies like, mobile industry body, Indian Cellular Association has urged the Telecom Minister, to look about the pricing of this budget smartphone. Indian Cellular Association maintained that this device can’t be sold below $51 (R.s 3500) even after subsidies.

The truth will come to light only after Ringing Bells will start delivering this smartphones to the users by June 30. If you liked this article, feel free to share it !



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