We all know very well that a year ago, many people were told that they could not fly with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7, as it was predisposed to fire. However, now, the South Korean giant Samsung itself giving away free Galaxy Note 8 to air passengers in an attempt to tell the world that its latest Note 8 is safe.

Samsung Distributes Free Galaxy Note 8 To ALL 200 Passengers On A Flight

The South Korean giant Samsung has surprised 200 passengers of the Iberia IB514 flight from A Coruna to Madrid with the gift to each of them of the Galaxy Note 8, its mobile star, valued at $1190. With this initiative, the Korean brand takes another step to wash away the bad corporate image of its previous model Galaxy Note 7, which had to be withdrawn from the market and was strictly prohibited on board in flights for the danger of internal combustion.

The passengers who got on the Iberia plane this morning began to suspect that they were going to be the object of an advertising action as the device was adorned with messages from the brand and the campaign “Welcome aboard Galaxy Note 8”, which the Korean manufacturer and the airline have been launching for a few weeks, and the commander went to all the passengers to confirm that they were the protagonists of a very special action.

The problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, some of whose batteries caught fire to destroy the device, were a hard blow to the image of the Korean brand. The airlines did not take long to react and in September of last year, they forbade that no passengers would get on board with the device.


The alarm jumped due to the incidents of this devices on board a plane in the United States, with supposedly revised units, which motivated a chain reaction of virtually all airlines that prohibited not only that the device on board, but also not allowed in checked baggage that is loaded in the holds.

Prohibition on flights

Iberia added to this prohibition and warned before the flight began the express prohibition of this model. A year later, the airline of IAG has signed a campaign with Samsung to sell the goodness of Galaxy Note 8, whose sales have surpassed the most optimistic forecasts, according to the Korean brand

Within the campaign, all passengers who took the Aerial Bridge between Madrid and Barcelona from October 2 to 6 enjoyed on board – courtesy of both companies – a coffee or tea with the snack. The same happened with flights to Bilbao, Granada, and Jerez.

“Today’s delivery comes to complete this campaign that has tried to turn everything that happened a year ago to take advantage of a support as important as the planes when addressing their customers,” Samsung said in a note.

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