Samsung is going to launch an impressive smartphone next year that is Galaxy S8. However, Google could force Samsung to ditch one of the Galaxy S8’s exciting new features.

Samsung To Ditch One Of The Galaxy S8’s Most Exciting New Features

We all are conscious of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issue. The phones are exploding due to some severe problems in the factory battery anode and cathode cell contact. Presently, we all know very well that Galaxy S8 will be the Samsung’s next flagship handset.

The future device from Samsung is expected to feature a significant redesign. Apart from all of this, Samsung is going for an all-screen Galaxy S8 Design which will lack physical home button and might introduce dual-lens rear camera setup just like iPhone 7 plus.

Can you guess which one of these features might not make it into the Galaxy S8 because of Google? Well, Samsung acquires the company behind Viv. Viv is a virtual assistant that’s likely to make a debut with next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8.

Viv can respond to various queries like Sisi, Google assistant, Cortana etc. Samsung had ever hired one of the co-founders who developed Siri for Apple. According to the reports from The Register, Samsung might not introduce Viv’s personal assistant because it competes with Google’s voice service that should be available soon on Android.

Analysts say that Samsung is in a tight spot right now because of the untimely fate of the Galaxy Note 7. However, the Google’s voice service patent was signed with Google in 2014 that might prevent Samsung from using Viv on upcoming Galaxy S8.

Edison Investment Research analyst Richard Windsor explained “This leaves Viv out in the cold, and it appears that Samsung aims to use it as part of making search and discovery on the device more intelligent, which is something Google Assistant does not really do”

“Viv has been demonstrated as a very clever assistant that understands complex multipart questions as well as context, but Samsung will be unable to do anything meaningful with this functionality on Android devices.”

So, that’s why Google might force Samsung to ditch Viv. Samsung’s upcoming flagship is expected to be unveiled in late February and hit markets in the following months. So, what do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.