After Samsung permanently suspended the production of Galaxy Note 7, now the survey says 40% of current Samsung smartphone users will never buy another Samsung smartphone.

40% of Existing Users Will Never Buy Another Samsung phone: Survey

Things are not going well for Samsung. We have seen Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had some serious problem in the factory battery anode and cathode cell contact, resulting in overheating and can cause the battery to catch fire.

The Galaxy Note 7 had everything to be a sales success but turned out to be a misery for the South Korean company. After the first explosions were reported, the company then actually stopped selling this smartphone and started globally a replacement schedule.

According to the latest survey, which held just after Samsung stopped the production of Galaxy note 7, One-third of respondents said they would never purchase another Samsung Phone. The survey also suggests that higher number of current Samsung users say they will never buy another smartphone from Samsung.

The survey was actually conducted between October 11th and October 12. The survey consists of 1,020 US customers who all holds a Samsung Smartphone. and among the 1,020 customers, 40% of them said they will never buy Samsung phone in the future.

The survey shows that a large number of users who said no had recently become Samsung users. And approximately 30% of users who said goodbye are planning to go for the new iPhone 7. Only 8% of users who are die-hard Android lovers are looking forward to Google Pixel.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was undoubtedly the only good option for those who wanted the best in Android but was discontinued due to battery problems and the only option left is Google’s Pixel. The explosive Note 7 had drastically boosted the sale of Google pixel in Android market.