We all know very well that mining Bitcoin today does not mean the same thing that it could mean months ago. What if I say that now you can mine Bitcoin using your OLD smartphone? Yes, it may sound weird but it is true, as Samsung just turned 40 Galaxy smartphones into a Bitcoin mining machine.

OMG! Samsung Just Turned 40 Galaxy Smartphones Into A Bitcoin Mining Machine

Mining Bitcoin today does not mean the same thing that it could mean months ago. However a few hours ago the South Korean giant Samsung has shown that doing it using a few old phones is more cost-effective and simple than doing it through a PC, the most common way to mine Bitcoin that many users use on the Net.

The South Korean giant Samsung found a use for its old Galaxy S5 (and no, it does not matter if it’s shredded). The Korean company has shown how you can gather a few dozen of the old smartphone from its catalog to install a compilation of the company’s specialized operating system (which is still available) to create a common device to mine Bitcoin.

The main advantage of this device is that it is able to extract with a greater energy efficiency than a standard desktop, so mining Bitcoin in this way ends up being, in the long run, much more profitable than the traditional method.

Samsung used 40 Galaxy S5 smartphone to mine Bitcoin

There are chances that you may not have forty Samsung Galaxy S5 units waiting to be used. However, the South Korean giant Samsung seems that it does not want to wait for you to mine Bitcoin at home, as its goal is to show everything it can do with the old technology through its new Upcycling project.

According to Robin Schultz, spokesperson for Samsung “This innovative platform provides an environmentally responsible way for older Galaxy mobile devices to enjoy a second life, offering new possibilities and additional potential value for devices that might otherwise be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer.”

To promote the cause, the South Korean giant Samsung also reused an old Galaxy Tab and turned it into a laptop with Ubuntu, used a Samsung Galaxy S3 to monitor the climate and PH level of a fish tank, and programmed an old smartphone with facial recognition software to protect the entrance of a house.

The idea of the company is to provide a second life to all these old devices showing different functions that they can carry out with a little imagination. In the inkwell, there are thousands of ideas to apply to old terminals.

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