People looking for job opportunities often have to go through the hassle of creating a professional-looking resume.

Yes, resume builder websites exist to ease the creation of the Resume, but all of them ask you to subscribe to download a resume of high quality.

Not everyone can afford premium resume builders and would like to settle with free options by compromising on a few things.

An easy option to create a resume is by saving your LinkedIn profile as PDF. LinkedIn, the go-to place for individuals to connect with businesses, organizations, and companies to seek job opportunities, allows you to save a Profile as PDF.

Save your Linkedin Profile as PDF

If you are a freelancer or someone looking for job options, you are likely aware of LinkedIn. It’s a popular job-seeking platform where you can connect with people with the same interest and form professional relationships.

Since LinkedIn is a job-seeking platform, the profile includes listing your professional skills and education. If you have a well-set LinkedIn profile, you can convert it into a PDF.

Saving the LinkedIn profile as a PDF can help you save time and money. And the good thing is you can use that PDF file to apply for jobs outside LinkedIn.

How to Save LinkedIn Profile as PDF?

It’s easy to save LinkedIn Profile as PDF on desktop. For that, follow some of the simple steps we have shared below.

1. First, open your favorite web browser and visit Next, log in with your account.

2. On the top, click on the Profile picture and select ‘View Profile‘.

Linkedin Profile Resume 1

3. On the Profile page, click the ‘More‘ button.


4. From the list of options that appears, select ‘Save to PDF

Save to PDF

That’s it! This will generate a PDF file containing your LinkedIn profile. The PDF will serve as a resume that you can use while applying for jobs outside LinkedIn.

How to Upload Resume to LinkeDin Profile?

Let’s say; you want to complete your LinkedIn profile by uploading your professional resume. You can do that as well. Here’s how to do it.

Upload Resume

  • First, open your LinkedIn profile on a desktop web browser.
  • Next, click on the Profile picture at the top and select ‘More‘.
  • From the list of options that appears, select ‘Build a resume’
  • On the next screen, select the ‘Upload resume’ option.
  • Next, upload your resume and click on the ‘Save‘ option.

That’s it! This is how you can upload a resume to LinkedIn profile.

How to Download Resume from LinkedIn Mobile App?

Unfortunately, there’s no option to download a resume from the LinkedIn mobile app, but a workaround still lets you download it.

For that, you need to use the web version of Linkedin on mobile instead of the app. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Open your mobile web browser (Chrome is recommended) and visit Next, sign in to your account.

2. Next, click on the three dots at the top-right corner of the web browser.

three dots

3. On the browser menu, scroll down and tap on the ‘Desktop Site‘.

Desktop Site

4. This will open the desktop version of LinkedIn on your mobile.

5. Now open your profile page and tap on the three dots.

three dots

6. From the list of options that appears, select ‘Save to PDF

Save to PDF

That’s it! This is the only way to download your LinkedIn profile as PDF on mobile. We have used Google Chrome for mobile to demonstrate the steps; you need to follow the same steps for other web browsers.

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These easy steps will let you save LinkedIn profile as PDF. If you need more help generating resume from a LinkedIn profile on desktop or mobile, let us know in the comments. Also, if this article helped you, make sure to share it with your friends.


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