Scientists Made This Laser Using Human Blood
Scientists Made This Laser Using Human Blood

Scientists have made a laser using human blood that may help fight cancer in the future, yes, a team of researchers from the University of Michigan were finally able to develop a new technique for diagnosing cancer using a laser made from human blood. It may sound weird but, it’s true.

Scientists Made This Laser Using Human Blood

Since 1916 Albert Einstein laid the foundation for the development of lasers and their predecessors, the maser (microwave emitting), both science and the culture entered a frantic race. The first to show that it was possible to build such technology, and the second to create stories, novels, and science fiction movies which leave the imagination of viewers with deadly lasers and flying ships.

But in May 1960, he reached Science Fiction and the first functional laser became a reality. Since then we have ubiquitous in so commonly used devices such as CD players 80 and now DVD readers, Bluray or laser pointers as well Laser computer mouse.

What is Blood Laser ?
Itself either a mineral, a gas or a liquid, it is almost anything that can emit light, a solicitor to become a source of a laser beam. But mixing concepts as the disparate appearance of lasers and human blood is like the mixture of Star Wars with Blade. Yes, it sounds bit weird. But no, it is not a fiction, it is now a reality which is achieved by a team of researchers from Harvard University.

In 2011, these scientists succeeded in creating a laser Michigan by a cell of a human kidney which was injected DNA encoded a green fluorescent protein that is commonly found in jellyfish. Earlier this year sought the same result by converting the light sensitive plants in lasers chlorophyll and today, as in the final stretch of the same year, a team led by Xudong Fan has managed to create a laser beam with human blood, using a combination of a fluorescent dye which is usually injected into the blood for medical examinations with extracted proteins from human blood plasma, getting blood entities amplifying light emission and transforming human blood creating a source of laser.

Purposes and Studies ?
Potential uses of this technique include the option to locate and remove tumours more easily because the doctor dye accumulates in the blood vessels, and since a tumour has many of these. However, the researchers hope that, in future, the blood laser would allow performing medical examinations simply illuminating laser skin of their patients. this blood laser will facilitate tumour location by using it in conjunction with an infrared camera to capture the flashes that would reveal the exact position of tumours, yes it means that it would be able to cure such medical problems like tumours, cancer etc.


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