North Korean replica of Facebook has been hacked by a Scottish teenager in just few hours after the news about the site was circulated online. It was North Korea’s own Facebook like social networking site.

Scottish Teenager Hacked North Korea’s Facebook

A 18 year old teenager namely, Andrew McKean from Scotland disclosed that he successfully logged into the North Korean version of Facebook with URL []. Surprisingly, he used ‘admin’ and ‘password’ as login details to login into the site. By using these login credentials, McKean was able to get the full control of the site including the potential to delete or suspend users, alter the name of the websites, censor content and control the ads. He was even able to see the emails of every user of the site.

The hacked website, ‘StarCon’ is considered as the Korea’s best social networking site. The site was given name after the Internet provider, ‘Star’ of North Korea.

‘StarCon’ lets users to sign up for profiles, upload media, find friends, and chat with friends. As per reports, the website is being hosted within North Korea.

McKean said that he had guessed the login credentials of the site after finding the default ones for phpDolphin on which certain Facebook clone was used and he was able to predict the credentials as “admin” and “password” respectively.

While setting up the website, the site owners had not changed the default login credentials which in turn allowed the teenager to acquire full control of the social networking site. Later, McKean used the advertising spaces on the website with message,  “Uh, I didn’t create this site just found the login,” including link to his Twitter page.

Mckean told to Motherboard that he would possibly redirect the website to the ‘Anti North Korean’ website, however the website was taken offline on Tuesday. The hacked website was already having gag profiles portraying Kim Jong Un, it also had some profiles of westerners.

However, owner of the site is not known. Although, its URL, hints a link to Starcon which is a South Korean technology company.

Majority of North Korean websites are hosted in China. The country has population of 25 million, however it has just few thousand internet users.

Earlier this month, North Korea’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications declared ban on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, South Korean and US websites to stop circulation of online information inside as well as outside the country.


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