Being the most popular & free video streaming site, YouTube is right now used by almost everyone. Everyone with a Google account can access YouTube for free and view videos. YouTube is also a house for content creators to showcase their creative talents.

While the user interface of YouTube is very easy to use, it still lacks some useful features. For example, there’s no native way to search comments on YouTube for desktop & mobile.

You may have your reasons for searching through the comments on a YouTube video, but the question is, ‘Does YouTube allow you to search comments’?

YouTube Doesn’t allow you to search comments

Yes, there’s no native way on YouTube to search video comments. You can find your comments on the platform easily, but there’s no option to search for comments made by other users on videos.

Actually, if you open a YouTube video and look at the comments section, you will only find the sorting options. The sorting option only provides two options: Top Comments & Newest First.

A top comment is a comment that has received the greatest number of likes; on the other hand, the ‘Newest First’ option shows the new comments on top.

So, apart from these two sorting options, there are no other options in the comment section.

How to Search Through YouTube Comments

Even though there’s no native way to search YouTube comments, a few workarounds still get you to the comment you’re looking for.

Use the CTRL + F function

The CTRL + F function allows you to find your favorite YouTube comments. You can open the video page and press the CTRL + F key to open the browser’s search function.

Next, type the keyword or the text you remember from the comments, and the browser will automatically highlight all instances of it on the current page.

Use the CTRL + F function

However, to make this work, you must scroll to the bottom of the comments section because YouTube doesn’t load all comments received on a video by default.

Search YouTube Comments with Extension

If you use the Google Chrome web browser to watch YouTube videos, you can use the YCS – YouTube Comment Search extension to find the comments you’re looking for. Here’s how to use the YCS – YouTube Comment Search extension to find specific comments.

1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your computer. Once opened, visit the YCS – YouTube Comment Search extension page.

2. When the extension page opens, click the Add to Chrome button.

Add to Chrome

3. On the confirmation prompt, click on Add extension.

Add extension

4. Now open and find the video with comments you want to search through.

5. Now scroll down a bit; you will find the extension loaded between the description & comment sections. Click on the Load all button.

Load all

6. Now, in the search bar, type in the keyword you want to search for, and click Search.

type in the keyword

7. The extension will then find and show the comments using your entered keyword.


That’s it! This is how you can use a Chrome extension to search YouTube comments on a desktop.

How to Find Comments You Made on YouTube

You can easily find the comments you’ve made on YouTube videos. For that, you don’t need to get any help from an extension. Here’s how you can find comments you made on YouTube.

1. Open your favorite web browser and visit

2. Sign in to your Google account. On the left side, click on History.


3. On the right side, select Comments.


That’s it! Now you can see all the comments you’ve made on YouTube Videos.

see all the comments

So, this guide is all about searching for comments on YouTube videos. Let us know if you need more help finding specific comments on a YouTube video. Also, if you find this guide helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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