Android is an operating system mainly known for its customization and app ecosystem. The massive app ecosystem is the biggest advantage of Android over its arch-rival iOS.

When it comes to App availability, Android usually leads the race. On the Android operating system, you also get the freedom to download & install unlimited numbers of apps and games, provided your storage allows it.

Since installing & uninstalling apps are free & easy, sometimes we end up uninstalling apps that are important to us and later regret it. Not only that, we even forget the name of the applications we’ve just uninstalled.

This is the only reason users still message us asking, ‘How to find deleted apps on my phone?‘. If you landed on this webpage, you are already looking for ways to view uninstalled apps on Android.

Don’t worry; finding deleted apps on Android is possible and can be done without using any third-party apps.

How to Find Deleted Apps on My Phone?

The steps to find deleted apps on the phone vary on the operating system. On Android, Google Play Store can be used to find the apps that had been recently uninstalled from the smartphone.

When it comes to how to see recently deleted apps on iPhone, you need to use the Apple App Store. In this article, we have targeted Android users who want to see recently deleted apps.

How to See Recently Deleted Apps on Play Store?

The most easiest way to view recently deleted apps on Android is by using the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store has now become a one-stop destination for Android apps & games, and it recently introduced a very robust storage management feature.

The same feature can be used to find recently uninstalled apps from your device. Here’s how to find uninstalled apps on Android.

1. Open your Android App Drawer and tap on the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

2. When the Google Play Store opens, tap on your Profile Picture at the top right corner.

Profile Picture

3. On Account Settings, select Manage Apps & Device.

Manage Apps & Device

4. Now switch to the Manage tab at the Manage Apps & device screen.


5. Now select the Installed drop-down at the top left corner.


6. On the prompt that appears, select Not Installed.

Not Installed

7. Selecting the Not Installed option will show you the apps & games that are uninstalled from your device.

8. In the upper right corner, tap on the Filter icon.


9. On the Sort by prompt, select Recently Added.

Recently Added

That’s it! Now you will see a list of all apps & games that you’ve recently deleted from your Android phone.

How to Find Uninstalled Apps on Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy phones have a Galaxy Store that provides Android apps and games. If you rely on it to download apps and games for your Samsung Galaxy phone, follow these steps to view and recover deleted apps.

Find Uninstalled Apps on Samsung

  • Open the Galaxy Store on your Samsung phone and tap the Menu icon at the bottom right.
  • On the Galaxy Store Settings, tap on the My Apps.
  • Tap the filter icon beside My Apps and select Show installed apps.

That’s it! This will list all apps you have uninstalled from your Samsung Galaxy phone. You will also have the option to reinstall those apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Apps are missing on Android

If all apps are missing on your Android smartphone, you need to restart your device. Press the Power button and select Restart. This will remove the bug that removes app icons.

Google Play Store is missing on Android

If Google Play Store is missing, someone might have disabled the app. You must head to Settings > Apps and find the Google Play Store.

After finding Google Play Store, select Enable, and the icon will reappear on your home screen.

How to Recover Uninstalled Apps on Android?

Google Play Store can recover all apps you’ve uninstalled until now. We have shared a detailed guide on recovering uninstalled Android apps. Go through that post to discover the steps.

Can’t download Apps from Google Play Store

If you cannot download certain apps & games from the Google Play Store, you need to rule out compatibility issues. Make sure the app you want to download is compatible with your Android version. If that didn’t help, try downloading apps from third-party app stores.

How to recover deleted app data on Android?

There’s no way to recover the deleted app data on Android. You can log in with the same account on the apps/game you’ve used before. You can recover the deleted app data if you already have a backup set.

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So, that’s all about how to find uninstalled apps on Android smartphones. You can easily see a list of apps uninstalled from your Android device using these steps. If you need more help finding all uninstalled Android apps, let us know in the comments.


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