Our personal life is now messed up on our smartphones. Just take a brief look at the Gallery of your smartphone; you will find many photos and videos that you don’t want to share with others, but, at the same time, you can’t restrict your family members or friends from using your smartphone.

In such a scenario, we had no choice apart from hiding or locking those private photos & videos. A few tricks are available on the internet that can help you hide images and videos on your Android, but most don’t work these days.

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12 Best Android Apps To Lock Photos & Videos

So, in this case, having a third-party photo & video vault or a simple photo locker seems to be the best option. Photo vault apps work the same way as App lockers. Therefore, in this article, we have listed some of the best Android apps to help you lock or hide photos & videos easily.

1. WeVault


WeVault is an Android app that can lock your private photos & videos behind a password, pattern, or Fingerprint protection. It’s a vault-app where you can store your photos & videos and prevent them from appearing in your Phone’s Gallery.

Besides the photo locker, WeVault also brings a private browser to keep your data secure. Overall, WeVault is an excellent photo locker app that you can use on your Android device.

2. 1Gallery


1Gallery is a stock gallery app replacement for Android smartphones. It’s a full-fledged gallery app for Android that’s designed for managing photos.

The gallery app also has a hidden vault that can be locked with a PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint. You can use the vault to hide your photos or videos.

Besides that, 1Gallery offers a few helpful photo management features, a photo & video editor, a photo widget, etc.

3. KeepSafe Photo Vault

KeepSafe Photo Vault

This one stands out from the crowd due to its impressive offerings. The app is pretty popular amongst Android users and does a great job of hiding images and videos.

KeepSafe Photo Vault provides users with a PIN, Fingerprint, and Pattern lock to hide images and videos. Also, you can back up your important photos & videos.

4. Vaulty


It is another excellent app that comes with file-locking features. It’s also one of the famous photo vaults on the Google Play Store. The great thing about Vaulty is that it can hide photos & videos directly from the Gallery itself.

What’s more interesting is that Vaulty lets you create multiple vaults. You can create various burials and store different types of files there.

5. LockMyPix Photo Vault

LockMyPix Photo Vault

If you are looking for a free Android app to protect your most important photos, videos, and documents, then look no other than LockMyPix. The app offers you a private photo and a video vault.

You can store your important photos in the vault and protect them with PIN, Face, Fingerprint, Password, or Pattern protection.

6. Gallery


The gallery is a full-featured privacy protection app on the Google Play Store. With Gallery, you can easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos, apps, and files you don’t want others to see.

The app relies on an AES encryption algorithm to encrypt the content you don’t want to share with others. Also, it has many other privacy features like hiding the app icon, fake password generator, etc.

7. Piktures


It’s not a photo or video vault; it’s a gallery app. Like your Phone’s Gallery, Piktures for Android also brings all images and videos together. In addition, the app houses a ‘Secret Drive’ feature, which acts as a vault.

You can create a secret space and password-protect them with a PIN or Password. Overall, it’s an excellent app for hiding photos on Android.

8. Andrognito


Andrognito uses military-grade AES encryption standards to hide your private photos & videos. Another best thing about Andrognito is that you can access the vault via cloud backups on multiple devices.

The app also lets you back up your essential media files to the Andrognito cloud. Also, you can customize the app as per your preference.

9. Hide it, Pro

Hide it Pro

Guess what? Hide it Pro can easily hide photos & videos from your photo gallery. Users need to use a secret PIN code to access the hidden files.

Once installed, the app appears as an Audio Manager in the App Drawer. That means no one except you would be able to know that you are using a Vault app to hide your photos & videos.

10. Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock

As the app’s name says, Gallery Lock is an Android app meant to lock your Gallery. The app replaces the default gallery app and closes it with a password or PIN.

It also has other exciting features like a stealth mode that hides the app icon, automatically captures the picture of an intruder after three consecutive failed login attempts, etc.

11. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault

While the name of the app says it’s a photo vault, you can also use it to hide your videos. Like every other app on the list, Private Photo Vault brings you a vault where you can store photos & videos and password-protect them.

You need to setup an account & create a new pin, then add your photos & videos you want to hide. Your selected photos & videos will be removed from your gallery and locked into the Private Photo Vault.

To access your hidden photos & videos, you must unlock the vault with the password you have set.

12. Neo Vault

Neo Vault

Neo Vault isn’t as popular as other apps on the list; it’s still one of the private & secure photo vault apps on Android.

To get started, you need to set up your vault account and create a new PIN. After setting up the vault, you can add photos & videos to hide them from your phone’s Gallery.

These are the best Android apps to help you easily lock or hide photos & videos. Almost all the listed apps were free; you can get them from the Google Play Store. However, if you think we have missed any vital app on the list, please list it in the comment box below.


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