Let’s admit it: iPhones have the best phone cameras. The camera quality of the iPhone has no comparison with Android, and it can even compete with a few DSLRs. While iPhone cameras are great for capturing amazing pictures, what if you don’t have anyone nearby to capture your portrait shots?

You can grab your iPhone in one hand and capture a picture, but there will be a loss in quality due to shaky hands. To capture the best shots, it’s recommended to ask someone to take your photo or else use the timer feature of your iPhone’s camera.

If you have just purchased a new iPhone, you may find it hard to access certain camera features. A built-in timer in your iPhone camera settings allows you to set a delay before the photo is taken. You can utilize that feature for capturing self-portraits or a group photo.

Hence, if you don’t know how to set the timer on an iPhone camera, continue reading the guide. Below, we have shared some simple steps to set the timer on an iPhone camera for capturing a perfect shot without pressing the camera shutter button. Let’s get started.

Why use the Timer Feature on the iPhone Camera?

There can be various reasons for utilizing the timer feature on an iPhone camera. You can utilize this feature not only on your iPhone but also on your Android phones. Here are some important reasons for using the Timer feature on iPhone cameras.

Avoid Shakiness while capturing

One of the prominent reasons why people use a Camera Timer is to reduce the camera shake. As we all know, the camera is never stable when held, and the timer feature allows users to place the phone on a stable surface before posing for the shot.

Great for self-portraits

The timer feature of the iPhone camera is extremely useful for capturing self-portrait shots. This allows you to place a camera on a stable surface and gives you time to get into position before the picture is taken.

Great for Group Photos

As we all know, we always want someone to capture our photos. And when it comes to the group photos, it’s bound to have someone unknown capturing the photo. This is where the camera timer comes to the rescue. It just gives the entire group enough time to be ready for the shot and ensures no one misses being in the photo.

Great for capturing creative photos

The timer feature is extremely helpful for capturing experimental shots. The 10-second timer duration gives users enough time to carry on with their experimental shots and try the creative compositions.

How to Set up iPhone Camera Timer

You don’t need to install any dedicated camera app from the App Store because the Timer feature is hidden within the Camera settings of your iPhone. Follow some simple steps mentioned below to set up an iPhone camera timer.

1. To get started, open the Camera app on your iPhone.


2. When the camera app opens, tap on the Upward Arrow at the top center of the camera interface.

Upward Arrow

3. You will find a list of options at the bottom of the screen. Find the Timer icon.

Timer icon

4. Tap on the Timer icon to see all available timer options.

available timer options

5. On the iPhone, you need to set the timer to 3 or 10 seconds. You can choose whichever option you would like.

6. Once you set the timer duration, simply position your iPhone on a surface or tripod and tap the Camera Shutter button.

set the timer duration

7. Tapping the camera shutter button will immediately start the timer, and the photo will be captured once the timer ends.

That’s it! This is how you can set timer on an iPhone camera.

So, this guide is all about setting timers on an iPhone camera. We also listed a few important reasons why you should utilize the timer feature of any phone camera. Let us know if you need more help in setting a timer on the iPhone camera.


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