We all know that most people use the smartphone in a healthy way, but, many times people get frustrated from their smartphones due to alarms and notifications. Hence, today in this article I will show you a distraction-free smartphone that will leave you in peace.

Siempo: A Distraction-Free Smartphone That Will Leave You In Peace

Most people use the smartphone in a healthy way, but there are not a few who, so connected, check the device all the time. This behavior disrupts concentration at work or studies and may even hinder personal relationships. But in the Kickstarter appeared a smartphone that promises to end this “addiction” with Siempo.

No, it’s not a cell phone that shocks triggers an alarm or closes when the user exaggerates in use. The Siempo until it is quite common: it has a simple design, which refers to smartphones at most intermediates. However, its secret is in the software.

The operating system is an adapted version of the Android Open Source Project. There’s no apps store here, no pre-installed social networking apps. You will not be able to use Facebook or Instagram, for example. The idea is to eliminate all that can lead to unnecessary interruptions.

Because of this, Siempo only has apps treated as essential, such as calendar, note tool, weather forecast, map, text messaging (initially SMS only), audio player and even a meditation application. A browser is also included, but there are plans to create a version that allows the user to set limits for site access.

Since essential apps can also send notifications, Siempo has different ways for the user to control them: Pause completely silences the device. Here, time sets a time for them to appear.

There is also a mode called Mindful Morning that prevents a person from going online for a certain amount of time – it is an option for those who need to resist the temptation to take a look at the smartphone before completing a particular activity.

There is not a home screen, not the way we know it: when you turn on your smartphone, the user will see a field to enter what you want to do, as simple as that.

Such a device does not need powerful hardware. At least that’s what the developers think. Because of this, Siempo has very basic configurations: 4-inch screen with a high-resolution display, a quad-core processor which is clocked at 1 GHz (chip not reported), 8 GB of internal data storage, 1600 mAh battery, plus Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. There is camera too, but no information was given about it.

If it all boils down to software, it would be not so easier to launch an app that gives any smartphone Siempo’s system attributes? Project leader Jorge Selva told Digital Trends that his team tried to do this, but they were not successful in trying to control all the notifications. The output was to create a product developed from scratch to reduce distractions.


This makes the product intended for a very specific niche. The developers themselves point out that Siempo is an option for those who have found that the smartphone is upsetting their routine, but does not want to resort to a feature phone to get rid of the problem.

However, apart from these I still have my own doubts about the success of the project. The campaign Siempo on Kickstarter began this week and will end in a month. The goal is to reach $ 500,000, but for now it just over $ 45,000 has been raised so far which seems bit slower than the expectation. While if we talk about the price of this device then this device will cost you $ 279 plus shipping. So, for those who want to bet on the idea, the shipments are promised for the end of the year.

So, what do you think about this new and unique phone? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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