We all know very well that Skype has always been used as a communication tool. Above all its basic functions, many can take away much more. Hence, recently, the tech giant Microsoft just added an awesome new feature to its Skype Messenger simply to make coding interviews easier.

Skype Makes Coding Interviews Easier With This New Feature

Skype has always been used as a communication tool. Above all its basic functions, many can take away much more. Something that is increasingly seen is the use of Skype in job interviews, dispensing the physical presence.

But Skype has taken yet another step and allows job interviews to be done, where a programmer can display their code in real time and as a publisher of their own.

Skype’s idea for creating this real-time code editor is to allow job interviews to be made through the browser to programmers who show their capabilities directly on the platform without having to switch platforms.

Hosted exclusively on Skype.com, the web version of this communication tool, these interviews allow all typed code to be viewed by both parties and compiled immediately. It is a complete tool that anyone can access, giving access also to the complete Skype package: video, text and everything else.

The languages that this editor supports, for now, are C, C++, C #, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. As a complete editor, the syntax color is also available. The real-time compiler allows both to see the result of the code that was created.

Fully seated in the browser, this new service can be used in Edge or Chrome, just you have to go to this address. Without any need to register or install anything else, a code will be given that should be shared with the respondent.

In presenting this news, the team that created it stressed that it needs all the information that users can share, in order to grow this tool and make it even better and adapted to what users need.

This is another simple way that Skype has found to grow its service, opening it to other areas where despite being used, it was done imperfectly and without the right tools.

So, what do you think about this new feature of the tech giant Microsoft’s Skype? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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