We all know very well that last September 12, the tech giant Apple introduced to the world its new iPhone X (to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone) as well as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. But, now many users are reporting that Skype is not working on the new Apple iPhone 8.

Skype Is Not Working On The New Apple iPhone 8

The release of the new iPhones may not have created that enthusiasm they once felt, but it was to be expected. It has a lot to do with the expectation that the tech giant Apple created around the iPhone X, the one that has not yet hit the market.

However, since the 22nd of this month the tech giant Apple has sold and shipped millions of devices, but these iPhones, no matter how powerful, will not make history after X is released.

In addition, the world continues to enjoy iOS 11 but not everything has been roses. Some apps, including Skype, are having problems.

As several users propagated in the social networks, that the tech giant Microsoft’s Skype is not in conditions. After putting the credentials it “pops” and the app simply does not open. This situation happens on the iPhone 8 and iPhones 8 Plus, as shown below in this video:

This error is possibly due to the lack of optimization of the software to the new requirements of the machines and the system. After the problem was reported by several users on Twitter, the tech giant Microsoft issued the following statement, acknowledging the problem and promising a fix on work:-

“We’re aware of issues where users can not connect to Skype on the new iPhone 8. Our engineers are actively investigating the problem and we hope to resolve it as soon as possible”.

The page was also updated at 4:09 pm on Saturday to suggest that a fix was developed and was currently under test. By the time we published this article, but, the problem still continues and there are still several tweets to say the same. We hope the tech giant Microsoft will soon fix this tool.

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