Did you all know that Sony is forming a completely new company which will fully focus on making smartphone games. Sounds interesting, yes, it should be, as Sony Computer Entertainment has established a company that will Bring PlayStation Games To iPhone And Android smartphones.

Sony PlayStation Games Are Coming To iPhone And Android

Sony Computer Entertainment has produced a company known as “ForwardWorks” which will focus on the evolution of applications and games for mobile devices. As we all know very well that recently Nintendo announced its plans to develop mobile games and currently if we notice then we can easily see the success of Pokemon which really earned huge popularity and success to Nintendo.

Now it seems that Sony is also following the same path as Nintendo does. Sony seems to extend its PlayStation gaming division onto mobile gaming platforms and the devices that users already have, which could be a huge benefit for everyone.

The new division will start operating very soon by this year (2016) and will take advantage of all the rights which it has on titles of PlayStation and characters in it so that the new games have exclusive content from Sony.

According to the SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.) “ForwardWorks will leverage the intellectual property of the numerous PlayStation dedicated software titles and its gaming characters as well as the knowledge and know-how of gaming development expertise which was acquired over the years with PlayStation business to provide gaming application optimized for smart devices including smartphones to users in Japan and Asia. The company will aim to deliver users with the opportunity to casually enjoy full-fledged game titles in the new filed of the smart device market.”

The work of ForwardWorks is to optimize applications for smartphones and tablets using all the experience that the company has had in game development.

When they will start to operate the new division, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will change its name to Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE). So far it is not revealed what plans to launch titles, but in the first instance, the company will focus on users in Japan and Asia as the main headquarters is based in Tokyo, Japan. If the results prove to be satisfactory Sony will then expand the concept to the rest of the world.

Sony apparently wants to give a head to head fight to Nintendo in the smartphone market. Hopefully, Sony surprised us.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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