Let’s admit, lots of people compare stock trading with gambling. Well, both are speculative games, but both of them were different. Gambling is entirely based on luck, whereas you need to be extremely sharp to trade in stocks. Trading or investing in the stock market is a big part of the financial planning puzzle for almost everyone now.

Investing could be a great way to prepare for retirement or to generate additional income every month. Unlike every other thing, Stock trading has also become much easier to do from a mobile device. We have the necessary tools to utilize our smartphones as a primary trading platform.

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time investor or an experienced trader; stock trading apps could help you in multiple ways. With stock trading apps, you can easily trade stocks, invest in stocks, or track the market right from the smartphone.

List of 10 Best Stock Trading Apps For Android

So, in this article, we have decided to share a list of the best stock trading apps for Android. With these apps, you can track the daily ups and downs of the stock market.

1. InvestApp


InvestApp is a bit different than all other apps listed in the article. It’s an app that can be used to follow global financial markets with charts, statistics, and news.

You can create your own watchlist on InvestApp and list your favorite stocks. Not only that, you can even add financial instruments to your customized watchlist.

2. Groww


Groww is one of the best and leading stock market and mutual fund investment apps available for Indian users. With Groww, you can even invest in stock markets, IPOs, etc.

What’s more interesting is that Groww also allows you to invest in US Stocks. That means you can invest in Google, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, etc., via the Groww app.

3. Moneycontrol


Moneycontrol is not an app for investment, but it’s Asia’s No. 1 app for business and finance. With the Moneycontrol app for Android, you can track the latest updates on Indian and Global financial markets.

You can also check the latest quotes of stocks F&0, mutual funds, commodities, and currencies from BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX.

4. Angel Broking

Angel Broking

Angel Broking Android app serves as a one-stop destination for all your financial needs. With Angel Broking, you can buy, sell and trade on the go.

The user interface of the app is clean and nicely organized. It also allows you to use the technical indicators on its mobile app.

5. Upstox


Well, Upstox is probably the highest-rated stock investment app in India available on the Google Play Store. The app provides you with an easy, fast and secure way to invest in the stock market.

With Upstox, you can easily access charts, financial data and read news related to every stock. It also lets you invest in Mutual Funds.

6. Investing.com


This is one of those Android apps that would help you stay at the top of global financial markets.

The good thing about Investing.com is that it shows live quotes and charts for over 100,000 financial instruments traded on over 70 global exchanges. It also shows breaking news, videos, updates, and analysis of global financial markets.

7. TradingView


If you are searching for an active stock trading app for Android, you need to give TradingView a try. With TradingView, you can effectively track the stock market and major global indices like NASDAQ, S&P 500, NYSE, NSE, etc.

If you are an experienced trader, let me tell you that the app also has many financial instruments to read charts. TradingView also allows you to paper trade on live charts.

8. Kite by Zerodha

Kite by Zerodha

Well, Zerodha is a leading stockbroker in India. Through Zerodha, you can trade in stocks listed on NSE/BSE. However, you need to be a Zerodha user to use the app.

The app’s user interface is clean, and it’s super fast. It has all the financial instruments to fulfill your investment and trading needs.

9. StockTwits


It’s a sort of social app that lets you chat with other investors and traders. Along with the general public chat, there’s an investor chat section on each specific stock page.

The app could help you read the mindset of investors or traders regarding any particular stock. Apart from that, StockTwits also connects with several brokerage accounts like E-Trade, Fidelity, Robinhood, etc.

10. Stock Chart, Screener, Trading

Stock Chart, Screener, Trading

Well, you can trade stocks with this app, but it’s a robust stock market simulator app for traders and chart experts. Guess what? Stock Chart, Screener, Trading offer lots of powerful charting options like indicators, drawing tools, auto signals, etc.

It also has a powerful stock screen for NSE with 200+ intraday & swing strategies.

You can use these stock trading apps to hone your existing trading skills. Also, you can invest for long periods with this app. If you know of any other stock trading apps for Android, let us know in the comment box below.


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