Yes, both stock trading and gambling are indeed speculative games, but both of them are very different. Stock trading requires deep knowledge, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and a strong intuition. In comparison, Gambling needs no prior knowledge and is entirely based on luck.

Trading or investing in the stock market is always a big part of financial planning, and it can help you double your capital in just a few years. So, comparing stock trading or investing with gambling is very unfair. If you are an active investor or a trader, you might already know what I am talking about.

List of 5 Best Free Stock Trading Apps for iPhone

However, if you are a newbie and want to explore the share market world, you need to start using the free stock trading apps. With stock trading apps, you can track the market stats or invest in stocks/mutual funds.

Below, we have shared a few best Stock trading apps for iPhones. Let’s check out the apps.

1. is a prevalent stock trading and investment app available for Android and iOS. You can use this app to trade on over 70 global exchanges and track global indices, stocks, bonds, commodities, interest rates, futures & options.

Apart from regular stock tracking, offers you many financial tools to help you plan your finances. The app sends you news and analysis of global financial markets as well. Overall, is a great stock trading app to have on iPhone.

2. Webull


If you have a Webull brokerage account, you need to use this app. As a trading platform, Webull allows you to invest in stocks, options, and ETFs. You can use it to track the global market even if you are not a trader or investor.

For traders, Webull offers almost everything they need. There are 50+ technical indicators, 12 charting tools, and more. Apart from stock trading & investment, Webull also allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can trade Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Shiba, and other cryptocurrencies.

3. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is one of the best finance management apps that you can have on your Android smartphone. With this app, you can track the markets and the economy, get personalized news and alerts, access real-time stock information, and more.

It’s pretty easy to track stocks with Yahoo Finance. You need to create an account, create a watchlist and start adding your stocks. Once the watchlist is created, the app automatically sends you important alerts and news related to the stocks you have in your bucket.

Apart from stock trading, Yahoo Finance is also an app to track cryptocurrencies. The app right now allows you to follow more than 100 different cryptocurrencies.

4. Stocktwits


Stocktwits is slightly different from all other stock trading apps in the article. It’s a social network for traders and investors. You can use the app to connect and chat with other traders and investors to gain knowledge and plan your finances.

Stocktwits allows you to monitor the market; you can add stocks, ETFs, etc., to your watchlist and check the graph whenever needed. Apart from that, Stocktwits even lets you add cryptocurrencies and NFT to your watchlist.

So, Stocktwits is an app that can help you get started if you are very new to the stock market. You can connect to traders & investors, gain knowledge, and then invest in stocks, ETFs, and Crypto.

5. Stocks Tracker:Real-time stock

Stocks Tracker:Real-time stock

Stocks Tracker:Real-time stock is an iOS app that supports almost all major stock brokers in the United States. You can use this app to create watchlists and stock portfolios and then track your favorite stocks.

Apart from regular stock tracking, Stocks Tracker:Real-time stock also offers you the fundamental data of the stocks. You can also track stocks by using technical indicators. Overall, Stocks Tracker:Real-time stock is a great stock trading app for iPhone.

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Whether you are a trader, investor, or just a newbie exploring the stock world, these iPhone apps are very useful. So, these are the best stock trading apps for iPhone. If you know of other such apps, let us know in the comments.


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